For many women, motherhood is one of life's greatest blessings. But any new mom will agree that pregnancy takes a toll on the body—not shocking, considering you just spent nine months growing another human being.

So, after giving birth to your precious bundle of joy, how do you get yourself back on track? To get some answers, we sat down to chat with nutritionist, wellness guru, and New York Times best-selling author, Kimberly Snyder, who recently became a mother herself. Scroll down to find out what she says is the best thing for new mommas to eat that will help them bounce back.

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Because pregnancy throws your hormones out of whack and shifts the positioning of your stomach, digestion can get all kinds of messed up. "One thing for new moms that I think is really healing postpartum is soup," says Snyder. "Soup is really warming and it’s easy to digest, it’s full of fiber, it’s nurturing."

Soup is also great because it's something that is easy to incorporate other beneficial ingredients into. "We can add really strategic metabolism-and-digestion-enhancing herbs like ginger, like fresh black pepper, like cumin, like turmeric, like all these spices and herbs, which nurture the new mom," Snyder says. We'll never say no to those kinds of superfoods.

Another huge aspect of motherhood is breastfeeding, and as many new moms quickly find out, it's no easy feat. "Soup is really great for lactation, it’s great for breastfeeding," explains Snyder. "In a soup, we can also add coconut oil and we can add certain fats, which are also really important for proper breast milk production." Soup really does it all!