Millennial Women Are "Ashamed" of Out-Earning Their Partners

More millennial women than ever are taking on the role of breadwinner in their relationship, which should be exciting news! But according to a new report by Refinery29, those women are feeling “ashamed” and “worried” about out-earning their partners.

In 2015, 38% of American wives made more money than their husbands, but according to the 130 female breadwinners interviewed in this study, this can lead to problems in their relationships. Author Ashley C. Ford reports that words like “tired,” “exhausted,” and “resentful” kept popping up when the women were asked how they felt about always being the big earner in their relationship.

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Plus, the findings revealed that while these women were taking home the big bucks, they were still expected to take on the majority of the housework and childcare, leading to even deeper feelings of discontent. Add that to the fact that men feel “emasculated” when they’re earning less than their wives, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The findings are backed up by data, as a University of Chicago Booth School of Business study found that a relationship could be heading to divorce “once a woman started to earn more than her husband.”

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