This Month's Mercury Retrograde Could Be the Moodiest One of the Year

Here's how to prepare for the impact of Thursday's Mercury retrograde, happening in the emotional sign of Cancer.

This Month's Mercury Retrograde Could Be The Grumpiest One Of The Year
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As if the three planetary retrogrades that began last month weren’t enough, Mercury will join the fray and kick off its second retrograde of the year on June 18.

You can expect such logistical issues as dropped calls, forgotten passwords, and mixed-up plans, since all are part and parcel with Mercury retrogrades in general, but this one, in particular, could hit us where we live — literally and figuratively. That's because, this time around, Mercury will be in the moon-ruled water sign of Cancer when it goes retrograde.

Here's what to expect — and how to navigate — the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Cancer.

The Sign of Cancer Will Have an Emotional Impact On Mercury Retrograde’s Effects

Represented by the crab, Cancers tend to be guarded, if not downright cagey — they’re deeply protective of their feelings and personal lives, and holding a safe space for those things is a top priority. They can be warm and fuzzy, but that warmth and fuzziness are usually hidden behind a hard shell. If you take the wrong approach to break through that barrier, you could incur a passive-aggressive rebuff. But, if you succeed in genuinely connecting with a Cancer, you’ll have earned yourself a new “mom friend.”

On that note, this sign is closely associated with family and the domestic sphere (the term “homebody” is used freely and frequently when describing Cancers). When this attention to home and hearth is combined with the energy of a Mercury retrograde, feelings of nostalgia and resentment could surge in equal measure.

On one hand, you might spend this period revisiting old stomping grounds or reminiscing about the good old days with your siblings. On the other, retrogrades love nothing more than to dredge up past unpleasantries — your ex might send an unexpected text or a previous mistake at work could require rehashing — and poring over our familial past can be specifically difficult. Don’t be surprised if an estranged relative reaches out, something needs fixing in your childhood home, or a dear loved one calls on you for support.

How to Navigate Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

Family can be a touchy subject for some people, so be prepared to give others space (or ask for some yourself) during this retrograde. Take a deep breath and think through what you’re going to say — and how you’re going to say it — before you interact with loved ones. They might be more sensitive than expected or even raring for a fight from the get-go.

In fact, even if all appears to be well at home, it’s still a good idea to tread carefully. Although the emphasis will be on your family life during this retrograde, that doesn’t mean that drama of another variety is off the table. Whether you’re texting a friend, stuck in an endless video call for work, or ordering pizza delivery, be gentle with your words. This is an opportunity to take a closer look at how you show care to others — Cancer might be moody, but its energy is undeniably empathetic, too. If there’s a single rule to follow for this month’s Mercury retrograde it is, simply, to be kind and make space for others’ feelings, even when it incurs a slight discomfort for you.

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