Megan Thee Stallion Shares Her Dating App Tips and Profile Red Flags

"If you hide your true self online, you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. Don't chase nobody. Love yourself and let 'em catch up."

Megan Thee Stallion Tinder Interview
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There's one thing we can count on every holiday season, even in the middle of the pandemic: texts from exes past. With New Year's just around the corner, there's a chance you've already received (or sent) at least one of these vague 'hey stranger' messages — and made a grand resolution to approach dating differently in 2021. In fact, this collective urge to meet someone new is so universal, there's even a name for it: Dating Sunday. Taking place on January 3rd this year, it's historically the day when more users flock to dating apps than any other day of the year.

To help you get started on the right note this year, Megan Thee Stallion is here to serve as your Hot Girl Coach.

The rapper has partnered with Tinder to launch the Put Yourself Out There Challenge (#PYOTChallenge) to encourage people to put their most authentic selves, well, out there in their quest for love in 2021. As the face of the campaign, Megan will "give members the tools they need to boost their confidence," sharing affirmations and mantras she uses (which are now live on Tinder and Megan's TikTok accounts and worth a watch).

“I want everyone to be comfortable sharing their authentic self online," she tells InStyle. "By celebrating those who are already doing the hard work, we want to encourage more people to feel confident in who they are.” (As part of the challenge, each member can submit their profile that displays their personality, creativity, and real self for an opportunity to win $10,000 to pursue their passions.)

We get why that might be a fearsome prospect if you've ever been burned trying to meet someone on a dating app (after all, 2020 was the year wokefishing and breadcrumbing ran rampant). So, we tapped Megan for her tips on making a great impression, her biggest dating red flag, and her best advice for dating during a pandemic.

Icebreakers/pick-up lines on dating apps can be tough. What are some openers that you think are effective?

"Honestly, I like it when it feels natural and not forced, so I’m not really into pick-up lines. I think it’s super attractive when people can just be themselves. I’d always lead with something simple that feels true to you and sets a vibe. I like a person who can make me laugh, so if you start with something funny, and you are both on the same page, then you are on the right path."

When it comes to creating the ideal Tinder profile, what would you suggest definitely including and leaving off of your bio?

"When it comes to your profile, share what you think makes you unique and what you find sexy while being true to yourself! If you think you look hot in that bikini shot, share that bikini shot. If you love anime, or whatever your favorite pastime is, show that off. If you hide your true self online, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t chase nobody. Love yourself and let ‘em catch up."

If you were swiping, what would be some of your deal-breakers or red flags to watch out for?

"It’s one thing to be confident but it’s another thing to brag. Anyone who talks a big game on their profile about what they have is not for me. Show me who you really are, not what you have."

What are your tips for getting dressed for a first date? Do you have a go-to outfit or formula?

"I don’t have a formula or go-to outfit. I really express myself through what I wear, and I choose what I wear not because I am trying to appeal to men, but because it makes me feel good, sexy, and powerful. On a first date, wear something you feel shows who you really are and has you feeling yourself."

Do you have any ‘rules’ about post-date communication (like waiting for the other person to text first) or are you pro 'screw the rules'?

"It’s 2020, there are no rules and there’s no shame in being confident and making the first move."

Do you think the pandemic has changed dating apps (or dating in general) for the better? What's your best advice for approaching dating in 2021 and being your most authentic self, especially after the crazy year we've all had?

"The pandemic has shown that dating apps are dope for connecting with new people. For dating, it has caused us to slow down a bit and take more time getting to know people before you let them into your bubble. My advice for dating, and just for life, is to work on and care for yourself – that’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have! When you feel good, and put your authentic self out there, good things will come."

For someone who wants to give dating apps a try in the new year and is undecided on which to use…why is Tinder better than other dating apps that are expensive or exclusive?

"I like that Tinder doesn’t hold you back and there is a lot of variety. Tinder is for everybody and you get to decide what you want with no filters. It’s also fun and easy to use; you can update your bio quickly to match your mood and it’s cool to switch it up."

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