The Last Supermoon of 2020 Is About to Bring Out the Scorpio In All of Us

Long-simmering tensions could bubble to the surface during this month's full moon.

Supermoon Scorpio
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This week, on Thursday, May 7, we will see the final supermoon of the year. (Quick reminder: That's when a full moon occurs at the closest point to Earth during its orbit, making it appears larger and brighter.) But this full moon's dazzling visual display might take a back seat to its potential astrological effects.

Landing in the enigmatic water sign of Scorpio, May's full moon could cause long-simmering tensions to bubble straight to the surface.

What the May Full Moon Represents

Theoretically, May's full moon should be a spiritual walk in the park. Known as the Full Flower Moon, it's traditionally associated with, well, flowers and what they signify this time of year: The outside world's return to abundance, warmth, and life. This is a wonderful opportunity to look beyond ourselves (and our potentially tumultuous personal lives) and appreciate that, year after year, nature stays on course and provides.

Just because it'll be hosted by hashtag-dark Scorpio this year doesn't mean that we'll be totally denied the Full Flower Moon's normally sunny perspective, but any sudden boosts of optimism will come with a hearty dose of skepticism, if not flat-out suspicion.

Scorpio Could Inject Some Intensity Into This Breezy Lunar Phase

Anyone who's spent any amount of time with a Scorpio knows that they're a rare group — secretive, strategic, and downright conspiratorial among their closest friends. Trust is hard-won and even harder-kept with Scorps, as their deep-set intuition often allows them to see others' true motives behind their actions. When they feel slighted or betrayed, they're more likely to cut ties with their betrayer than they are to confront them in a blowout fight.

In other words, Scorpio is a sign to be reckoned with, adept at emotional sleight of hand and even more skilled when it comes to rooting out others' secrets. And when the full moon beams its way into Scorpio, we're all a little more inclined to adopt a Scorpionic approach. Even the most mundane exchanges will seem to have high stakes, with our words belying a deeper, more cutting meaning.

With that in mind, choose your words carefully on the 7th — especially if you're harboring sensitive info you'd rather keep private. We'll all be a little more perceptive during this period, more capable of reading between the lines. Minor fibs and lies of omission could be interrogated to within an inch of their lives, with surprisingly dramatic consequences. Again, it's unlikely that a slip of the tongue will lead to a shouting match, but a icy-cold shoulder from someone who once trusted you isn't out of the question.

How to Navigate What Seems to Be a Perilous New Moon

Believe it or not, it is possible to balance the oh-so-light and oh-so-dark energies colliding under this month's full moon, but you may have to welcome in a little drama to avoid a lot of it.

If you've been sitting on sensitive intel that you know will eventually need to come out, it might be better to break the news now rather than waiting for it to seep out in a way that denies everyone a chance to say their piece. On the flip side, if you feel like someone's been giving you the slip, ask them directly what the deal is then give them a chance to explain. Do what you can to bring shadowing dealings to light — underhandedness and petty whispers will only burden you with resentment and old grudges.

Heed the message of the Full Flower Moon and look at the world around you. Springtime is peaking and nature is showing signs of rebirth and new life, setting the scene for you, too, to start a clean slate and rebuild any fraying trusts.

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