This month, take a minute to catch your breath.

May Horoscope
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Our instincts are strong this month, stargazers, powerful with steady, sensuous Taurean energy. Your gut will likely tell you it’s time to slow down, even for just a moment to catch your breath. You should listen — find your grounding before you burn out, but be careful not to put your wants before the needs of others. Too much attachment to your sense of comfort will only lead you down a path of stubbornness.

Let the full moon in Scorpio take you down the road less traveled on May 18th. The unknown needn’t be scary. In fact, it’s in these murky, shadowy places where you can learn more about yourself and the world around you. In that same exploratory vein, Gemini season kicks off on May 21 and it will feel like a cool, refreshing breeze, gently pushing us out of our ruts and invigorating our social lives. Read on for a more in-depth monthly horoscope for your Zodiac sign, below.


Your normally unshakable confidence and resolve could be, well, shaken this month, Aries, particularly when it comes to your finances and sources of comfort. But these concerns aren’t rising to the surface just to stress you out — this is your chance to cancel any unnecessary subscriptions or make strides toward a more perfect credit score. Even a brash sign like yours will thrive with a greater sense of monetary stability. Just be careful not to become needlessly stingy or grabby with your cash this month.

Any selfishness you exhibit this month will belie a larger insecurity you have around your earning potential. Rather than fret over what you don’t have, dear Ram, enjoy what you do have — or, given your natural desire to keep moving forward, that which you can easily acquire. By the 21st, you’ll have found some sort of resolution around your sense of security and you’ll be more open to mingling and sharing with others.


This month will see you in fine form, Taurus, and focusing on yourself — your needs, your self-image, and how you project your persona out into your surroundings. If you’ve been looking for a confidence boost, this is it. On the flip side, you may end up feeling yourself to the point of self-consciousness. Stay grounded by spending time with people who know and support you for who you are in this moment. They won’t just be your cheerleaders this month, they’ll be a sounding board for all your genius ideas.

The 15th will see a whole new side of your normally languid self emerge, the side that livens up when the mood to take center stage strikes. Some people will delight in watching you shine and speak your mind, but others may feel steamrolled or pushed aside by your sudden brashness. You’ll find a much needed source of finesse on the 21st, so even if you go into your next meeting guns-blazing, your charisma will hold the room’s attention with ease.


Everyone needs a break from the noise sometimes — even Geminis. And, with several planetary power players starting this month out in your house of spirituality, that break will come whether you want it or not. Your normally boundless energy may wane under these skies, and that’s perfectly fine. Make time on the 4th to meditate on your faith and sense of purpose (NBD, right?) with the new moon.

Even as you go about your day-to-day tasks, keep your focus trained inward on your actions and lessons learned since last May. Feelings of FOMO will naturally arise, but this exercise will inform your perspective on your memories, money, and relationships. Plus, you’ll go into your birthday season on the 21st with a whole new take on the future, once you’ve reflected well and good on the past.


You’re usually a “still waters” type of sign, Cancer, but this month, a storm of creativity will be churning just beneath your even-tempered surface. No force will be able to contain this tempest for long, so don’t try to. Instead, take any chance you can to share your crackling personality and dazzling insights with others — even those who aren’t normally in your inner circle.

The 15th will see you energized and in rare fighting form; ride this energy through the end of the month and see where it takes you. Just beware of short-sightedness, Crab. Despite its gale-force strength, this storm will eventually pass and it’s up to you what’s left in its wake. Put another way, your birthday season will arrive sooner than you think. How do you want to end this turn around the Wheel of the Zodiac?


The new moon on the 4th will see you feeling self-conscious about your rep — a rare condition for a Leo, indeed. Thwart your insecurities by turning on your leonine charm. You’ll find that schmoozing with even the dullest of your coworkers won’t feel like work. In fact, you may end up doing them a favor they’ll be eager to return later on. Beyond the boardroom, go forth and flaunt your wit out on the town. You could come upon a networking opportunity in the unlikeliest of scenes.

Don’t forget to bring your dazzling self home for a break, especially around the full moon on the 18th. This lunar phase will raise one key question for you, Leo: Where can you do less?

This may hit the brakes on some of the glad-handing you started out the month with but you’ll have the power to pick and choose where you pare back your efforts. There’s certainly a project or two that’s shiny enough already, even without your special touch. Redirect the energy you would have put there into gussying up your room or showing a little extra love to your roomies.


There will be a serious push and pull between your craving for variety and your regular routine this month — enough to make a consistency-loving Virgo sweat. As difficult as it may be for your by-the-book sign to believe, it really is fine to leave the beaten path from time to time. And, knowing you, you have the way back memorized. Take a new course, date against “type,” and, on the 15th in particular, do something bold and cooperative in your community. Your natural desire to help others and make systems cohere will overpower your loyalty to structure.

Enjoy your foray into the unknown (or what counts as the unknown for a Virgo) before things take a turn for the comfortingly practical on the 21st. Your focus will train in on your reputation and how you might leverage that into greater professional success. If you spent your adventuring time wisely, something you learned or someone you met earlier this month will have a hand to play in your career’s ascent.


Is it time to close ranks around your inner circle, Libra? You’re normally more concerned with forging new connections than you are with deepening older bonds, but this month will radically shift your priorities, starting when the new moon hits on the 4th. Consider who knows the most about the real you — and how they came to acquire that information. Are you in charge of your own narrative or do you let others determine when you reveal new parts of yourself? Don’t confront or exile anyone over what comes up as you reflect. Just put those impressions on ice and wait for a sign for what to do next when the full moon arrives on the 18th.

You’ll get take a well-earned break from second-guessing your personal life toward the end of the month when the sun moves into Gemini and turns your focus outward. Set some high-minded goals for the next month, Libra. It’s time to consider your sense of the world and your place in it.


Begin the month reviewing your most important partnerships, Scorpio — a BFF’s night in or a family video call could be in order, as long as such gatherings will remind you of the invaluable role these people have to play in your life. Sometimes all it takes is a little face-to-face time to remember that you don’t have to play the loner if you don’t want to.

You’ll have plenty of time for solitude with the full moon in your sign on the 18th, during which you’ll learn that self-care is not selfish. This period of “you”-time will arrive just before the sun takes a month-long tour of your subconscious. Where the moon set out to teach you the power of a support network around and within you, the sun’s lesson for you is to see how you can lean on those networks when the time for great changes, even transformations, arrives. You could face once such period in the next 30 days, Scorp. Where can you find the strength and initiative needed to evolve?

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A desire for some serious spring cleaning will finally hit this month, Sagittarius. Clear away any old modes of living that interfere with more recent goals, make a pact to drink more water, and please, oh please, find a list app that actually helps you keep track of your tasks. As middling as you may usually find these matters of lifestyle and organization, you’ll derive a giddy kind of pleasure from setting yourself and routine in order this month. Ride it out and watch your sleep schedule improve for it.

This organization will be crucial to riding out the full moon on the 18th which could hit you in a very private, existential part of your mind. The moon’s beams may illuminate something you thought you’d confined to the shadows long ago. It may be confusing, but you’re stumbling upon these memories for a reason.


You’ve made a name for yourself as the taciturn disciplinarian of the Zodiac, Capricorn, but no one can survive on stern looks and wry smiles alone. The new moon on the 4th will urge you to get back in touch with your passions — the projects and hobbies that light something genuine and truly personal within you. Cultivate and see these pursuits through as the month goes on, even if it means sharing your earnest hopes and dreams with others.

By the full moon on the 18th, your thoughts will have turned toward the people, rather than the pastimes, who light up your life. We know you aren’t a huge joiner, but these skies will compel you to be the one who reaches out, the one who hosts the Game of Thrones screening, the one who opens up first. Don’t worry, Cap — your reputation will only improve from this month-long show of humanity.


How does “Aquarius, domestic deity” sound? Matters of your home and hearth will be top-of-mind this month — and you’ll like it that way. Make time on the 6th to host visitors and be prepared to give them the full tour of your home life. You may even crack open a photo album or two. This pride in your living space will reach a head on the 15th, when it’s met with the desire to lovingly improve upon (and not just flaunt) your quarters. Hit the Container Store, zero in on the items that spark genuine joy, and splurge on an ambiance-creating candle.

Most Water Bearers like to fancy themselves minimalists (or at the very least, not wasteful), but you can cozy up your casa without being too extravagant. When the sun moves into your pleasure sector on the 21st, you’ll be too preoccupied with your pet projects and new flames to worry about your decor, but you’ll undoubtedly appreciate having a warm, comforting base to call home.


Mark your calendar for the 15th now, Pisces , so you won’t be surprised when everyone comes out of the woodwork for a little bit of your time and attention that day. You probably don’t like to think of yourself as “magnetic,” but you’ll have an undeniable draw this month. No matter how uncomfortable you are with the spotlight trained on you, make the most of it in the way only a Pisces can: crack your especially odd jokes, ask for feedback on your wild ideas, heck, even tell your friends about that wacky dream you had. They’ll drink it up and remember why your imagination is a true asset to their friendship with you.

Your social calendar will empty out by the end of the month, during which time you’ll be able to relax and recharge, if not totally unplug from the burden of reality.

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