Maude's Beloved Vibrator Just Got a Makeover

This Vibrator Has Dakota Johnson's Approval — and InStyle Readers Get an Exclusive Discount

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To evolve is to improve — at least that's the case according to a bunch of cheesy sayings you can find on the internet. But these inspirational quotes fit for your cheugiest friend's bathroom actually does hold true in the case of Maude's latest drop. The sex tech company known for its non-gendered vibrators — which have garnered this writer's approval — just released an updated version of its beloved Vibe model.

You might remember that when the Vibe first launched, more than 1,000 units were sold in just two days. This was no fluke. The vibrator was the first of its kind; its subtle shape and artistic design make it nightstand display-worthy and a nighttime essential. It looks as if the beauty of a climax was molded into one avant garde, handheld gadget. The longer shape makes it ideal for penetration, but the all-over vibrations can arouse any other erogenous area just as well. 

And now it's even better because you can choose from two new colors: charcoal and clay, as well as the original green and gray shades. But that's not all. The retailer is giving InStyle readers an exclusive discount; simply use the promo code INSTYLE10 to receive 10 percent off at checkout when you spend $45 or more. Oh hey, what a coincidence. Every vibrator on the site is $45.

Maude Vibrator
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Shop now: $40 with code INSTYLE10 (Originally $45);

The Vibe is small but mighty. The carrot-shaped vibrator runs for up to 2.5 hours after a single charge and comes with three speeds that will get you going in no time. According to shoppers, it's "the best of all worlds."

"This vibe is strong enough to give you an insane O. but small enough to fit in your clutch," wrote one reviewer. Another said that it has all the design features you'd want in a sex toy because "it charges quickly, is easy to hold while using, the texture is smooth, and the vibrations are perfect."

What's more, the innovative device is water-resistant and made with skin-safe silicone.

Dakota Johnson Interview/Maude
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If that weren't enough, know that this model has Dakota Johnson's backing. The actress is an investor and co-creative director of Maude. Johnson told InStyle back in November 2020 that she loves the vibrator "for obvious reasons," and said she's also a fan of the brand's pH-balanced Wash

"I love the idea that a product I use on my body is helping my body be the best version of itself," she said. 

Below, shop the Vibe vibrator in its new colorways, along with a few of our other favorite Maude products — just don't forget your exclusive discount on your way to checkout. 

Maude Vibrator
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Shop now: $40 with code INSTYLE10 (Originally $45);

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Shop now: $40 with code INSTYLE10 (Originally $45);

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Shop now: $20 with code INSTYLE10 (Originally $22);