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It's rare that food packaging is so stunning that it makes you stop and stare before tearing into the presumably delicious contents inside, but such is the case for Mast Brothers's new line of confections. The Brooklyn-based chocolatier just debuted their new sea salt bar collection, which is dressed up in artfully created, colorful wrappers made by Brooklyn-based wallpaper brand Calico Wallpaper.

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The coolest part of this collaboration may be that the ethereal yet complex designs are all made using watercolors and the chocolate's star ingredient—salt. Calico founders Rachel and Nick Cope say they came up with this technique organically while doing a preliminary tasting: "We had the revelation, let's work with the very salt that is in each new chocolate to create the patterns! Each of the twelve bars has a special blend of salt and that respective salt interacted with the pigments that Rachel used in a 'resist process,'" Nick explains. Every wrapper is different, and meant to represent the flavor profile of the chocolate inside.

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The collection's bold new flavors include Bali Reef, Birch Smoke, Black Diamond, Black Truffle, Chili, Maldon, Peppercorn, Sel Gris, Sicilian Coast, Tahitian Vanilla, and Tangelo and Thyme, making the treats intriguing inside and out. These may look too pretty to eat, but they're definitely too tasty to pass up.

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