March's Full Worm Moon in Virgo Will Take Us On a Self-Improvement Tour

Be careful with your inner critic, though.

Spring Moon
Photo: Stocksy

For those of you already breaking out your light jackets, it’s a simple fact that spring is on its way. But, if you’re still huddled under your heaviest winter parka, you might need a little convincing, in which case you should mark your calendar for the 9th, when March’s Full Worm Moon will arrive in the fastidious sign of Virgo — and remind you that it’s never too early to tackle spring cleaning.

Not only will this lunar phase provide us with a spiritual checkpoint, but it’ll also be a visual delight: This month’s full moon will be one of several super moons of 2020, and it will be the second-closest of them all, making it appear much larger than usual to us here on Earth.

The Virgo Full Moon Will Whip Us Into Shape

The super moon’s dazzling display will actually mimic the energetic influence of a Virgo full moon. This sign loves nothing more than rooting out flaws both big and small in the name of improvement. Some might call this perfectionism, but Virgos will tell you it stems from a lifelong desire for utter efficiency and practicality.

When the full moon is camped out in Virgo, this urge to optimize is directed upon ourselves, making it a wonderful lunar phase to address any routines or systems we’ve imposed on our lives that aren’t working. This might mean taking on some very literal spring cleaning, like tackling your overflowing closet. Or, if your personal well-being is messier than your physical space, this is an opportunity to overhaul your approach to sleep, hydration, and exercise.

The Worm Moon’s Spiritual Meaning Complements Its Virgo Placement

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, March’s full moon has many traditional names, but two of the better-known are the Worm Moon and Sap Moon, both of which reflect the time of year in which this full moon occurs. The very first signs of spring — running maple sap and worms emerging from the thawed soil — are making their appearance. It’s an optimistic moment, but one that also requires further effort and patience. Nature has yet to burst into full bloom and our summer vacations are still a ways off. In the meantime, we can work toward our goals and reinforce our wellness routines. The sap will yield maple syrup, the worms will yield food for the birds returning from the south — and the discipline we demonstrate now will yield major results down the line.

What to Watch Out For During This Month’s Full Moon

You may have guessed by now that this is not a “treat yourself” type of full moon. Rather, it’s one that wants you to shake the cobwebs out of your psyche, body, and living space. When those domains are in order, you may find that your work, relationships, and personal development progress with greater ease.

With that in mind, try not to go beyond the bounds of self-improvement during this lunar phase. When Virgo’s meticulousness is directed upon others, it can very easily come off as nagging or downright criticism. Even if all you want to do is rework the chore chart with your roommate, your words could get twisted. Consider this your chance to correct your personal course. Trust that others are happily doing the same without your input.

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