By Melanie Fiver
Updated Mar 01, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
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Our imaginations will run wild this month — maybe a little too wild. Throughout March 2019 the air will be thick with creative, introspective Piscean energy for most of the month, though it will be shot through with an invigorating desire to be where the people are, too: Venus will be in humanitarian Aquarius, and the full moon on the 20th will arrive in master mingler Libra. In other words, give your inner self the extra attention it demands, but don’t hide away for too long. Your adoring public will be waiting.

And it’ll be wise to stay in tune with our intuition and to keep our friends close when Mercury begins its first retrograde of the year on March 5. In addition to the normal miscommunications and logistical mix-ups that retrogrades like to trigger, this period will throw our emotions into question — and even into peril. We’ll likely feel more vulnerable and uncertain, but don’t let Mercury’s backspin harden your heart. The only way to get through this retrograde gracefully will be to listen to your gut and to take things slow. Read on for your March monthly horoscope.


Before you can celebrate the start of your birthday season on March 21, the new moon on the 6th will ask you to stay in, reconnect with yourself, and create a new strategy for feeding your soul. You aren’t the most spiritual sign, but even the toughest Ram will benefit from a little inner R&R.

On an even more existential note, a seven-year period that’ll see your values challenged kicks off on March 6, when Uranus moves into Taurus. This far-off planet is known to instill long-term changes in our lives, but it likes to take its sweet time. So, your attention won’t snap to your relationship with money, possessions, and higher principles the moment the 6th rolls around, but these matters will start to rise ever higher in your mind, until you can’t help but review and, possibly, revise them over the next several years.


You’re usually content with the status quo, Taurus, but after Uranus moves into your sign on the 6th, you may start to feel restless — and that feeling will only grow for the next seven years, while this revolutionary planet enjoys its stay. Don’t worry about having to abandon your tried-and-true routines. More accurately, this period will shake you out of any ruts that you’ve settled into out of convenience, not because you actually enjoy that mode of living. Trust yourself, Bull, and start thinking about where you want or need some freedom.

Meanwhile, charming Venus is camped out in your career sector all month and only adding to your reinvigoration tour. If you’ve been putting off a major request at work, now’s the time to bring it to light — under these easy-breezy skies, you’ll find it easy to network and express your goals to the powers that be. You may not love taking risks, but your life at the office stands to benefit from a little extra schmoozing this month.


This month will feel like all work and minimal play, which is a drag for anyone, but for your fun-loving sign, it probably sounds downright dreadful. On March 5, Mercury retrograde will set its signal-scrambling sights on your career. Beware of breakroom gossip and keep your casual conversations off company devices, Gemini. Do keep lines of communication open during this retrograde in order to avoid any misunderstandings, but don’t chat about whoever and whatever while you’re on the clock. You never know who might overhear.

The new moon the following day will be your chance to prepare for the next month’s worth of work, so why not come up with a plan B just in case you end up putting your foot in your mouth?

You’ll get to take refuge from all this career-related stress on the 20th, when the full moon lights up your pleasure sector. Spend this evening doing something just for yourself — alone or with someone special. Looks like March won’t be all work, after all.


Pisces season, which began late last month, has seen you in a bubbly, social mood, Cancer, and in March you’ll get to keep expanding your circle of friends. Take advantage of this period: Seek out new groups that share your interests and forge connections between your friends who’ve never met. Suddenly you’ll have the energy for all this sustained socializing.

For the Crabs who prefer staying in (which is most of you), rest assured that you won’t have to schmooze the entire month away. The full moon on the 20th will direct your attention to matters of the heart and of your home. How are things faring in your domestic life, Cancer? What needs some sprucing up — and who needs more of your attention?


Ready to prove that “in like a lion” expression irrefutably true, Leo? You’ll be unstoppable this month, thanks in part to Uranus posting up in your career sector where it will stay for the next seven years. The planet of change will highlight what you’re lacking in your line of work. As this influence grows stronger, you may realize your strengths lie in another industry or that the time has come to demand more from your current employer. These discoveries will only come with time and patience, nevertheless start paying attention to whatever irks you about work now.

If you’ve barely had time to reflect on what more you want out of life, let alone your career specifically, mark your calendar for the 20th, when the full moon will make it impossible to ignore your pain points. You’re a giver, Leo — and there’s bound to be something (or someone) that’s demanding a little more than is reasonable. Under the light of the full moon, you’ll find some much-needed clarity around what tasks and responsibilities really require your time and effort.


For a straightforward earth sign like yourself, it can be difficult to remember that setting personal boundaries doesn’t have to mean shutting people out. This month’s new moon, which occurs on the 6th, will remind you how invigorating and enriching it can be to let new people into your life, especially those who make it clear from the start that you have their support. Because if there’s anything that self-sufficient Virgo deserves, but will never admit to needing, it’s simple, honest support.

Even as you open yourself up to those around you, you’re still in control, Virgo. The time to set boundaries comes with the full moon on the 20th. Spend this month seeking balance between your private and public life, and don’t stress if you haven’t struck it perfectly by month’s end. This process can take a lifetime.


You’re no stranger to self-care, Libra, but the celestial bodies are truly making this month all about you and your needs. On March 1, your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Aquarius and your zone of fun, pleasure, and play. Find a creative outlet that suits you — and don’t worry if your passion project ends up needing an extra set of hands. Admirers and friends will flock to you during Venus’ stay.

But even as you show your imagination some love and attention, don’t neglect your physical well-being. On the 6th, when the new moon takes place in your house of health, address a fundamental need that you may have been overlooking in the name of your work or social life. Commit to a steadier sleep schedule; overhaul your morning routine to include a homemade breakfast; or simply carry a water bottle with you throughout the day. By the time the full moon arrives in your house of self on March 20th, you’ll be positively glowing — and ready to celebrate all the work you’ve done for yourself.


Make time for alone time this month, Scorp. You probably had plenty of “you” time already penciled in throughout March, but the stars will make it downright frustrating to spend too much time out and about. For one thing, your sense of fun will feel stifled when Mercury retrograde kicks off on the 5th, rattling your regular methods of communication and self-expression to the point that you just don’t feel comfortable using them. Seek an outlet elsewhere, Scorp — you’re the sign of reinvention and this transit is here to make you prove that to yourself.

Brace yourself for a longer-term shakeup in your relationship sector starting March 6, when Uranus sets up camp there for the next seven years. Again, you may experience some unwanted instability, but this is yet another opportunity for you to plumb the depths of your character and find a new approach to relationships, romantic and platonic, that serves you just as well. By the end of the month, the sun will have arrived in your health zone, giving your well-being (and, after the month you’ve had, hopefully your self-confidence) a boost.


Venus, the ultimate charmer, will spend nearly all of March stirring your innermost desires to connect with and entertain those around you, Sagittarius. This should be music to your ears, as one of the most naturally funny signs in the Zodiac. But you’ll have to face a thought-muddling, faux pas-inducing Mercury retrograde from the 5th to the 28th. If there’s one thing that can gum up your comedic stylings, it’s the messenger planet in the midst of a backspin. Dodge any adverse effects by hanging with only your closest friends (the ones who really “get” you).

You’ll get a break from walking on social eggshells once Mercury directs course. And, by then, the sun will have sidled into your house of pleasure. And what’s more satisfying to an Archer than flirting freely, taking (measured) risks, and pursuing your latest passion? Spend the final days of March basking, Sag — you’ve earned it.


You’ve got money on your mind this month, Capricorn. Venus is spotlighting your house of finances, simultaneously tempting you to spend and urging you to bring in more cash. If it’s been a while since you’ve treated yourself, go ahead and buy something shiny. But be sure to save up, too. When Mercury’s retrograde kicks off on the 5th, you’ll want to feel secure in your earnings, as distractions and social overload will abound until the 28th. You may struggle to multitask and collaborate while Mercury is retrograde, so, if you can, prioritize simple, straightforward assignments that you can execute on your own.

The full moon on the 20th will unfold in your career house, lighting up your natural professionalism and boosting your visibility to the higher-ups. Enjoy your accolades, but don’t accept any raises or title changes unless you have them in writing. Even then, you’ll be best off waiting until Mercury goes direct. By then, you’ll be back to your normal hardworking, multiple-plate-spinning self, possibly with a fatter paycheck and fancier nameplate.


You’re not really the white picket fence type, Aquarius, but this month may make you yearn for the stability that comes with that kind of by-the-books lifestyle. And with a new moon and Mercury retrograde targeting your house of finances, can anyone blame you? These two celestial forces will urge you to pore over your bank account (and your investments and your credit and your valuables and — you get the idea) in order to cultivate a greater sense of stability. This is your chance to reassess and, if needed, reprioritize, where your money is going.

Uranus, which posts up in your fourth house of home and family on the 6th, will only add to that desire for security. Over the next seven years, it might feel like your domestic life was built on unsound foundation. The dynamics that once governed your home may shift and your living situation may change entirely. Luckily, most resourceful Water Bearers thrive in a state of disruption. Prepare for this revolutionary period by crafting your most harebrained plan B — then see where the stars take you.


With the sun, the new moon, and a retrograding Mercury all appearing in your sign this month, we’d understand if you spent the duration of March hunkered down under a blanket, Pisces. And, by all means, go for it. Spending some quality time with yourself will do you a world of good this month. Just be sure to use your alone time to your advantage: Get reacquainted with your empathy, your imagination, and how you express yourself — preferably before the sun leaves your sign on the 21st.

The best day of all to spend by yourself will be the 6th, when the new moon arrives in your first house of self. Reflect on and celebrate your individuality — knowing your strengths will help you survive this month’s Mercury retrograde. You’re a deeply intuitive sign, Pisces. Don’t think that that isn’t a skill, because when the messenger planet starts making its little messes (leaking sensitive info, prompting petty misunderstandings) your gut instincts will guide you through the muck, and even help ease the tension along the way.

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