By Kim Peiffer
Updated Jul 14, 2016 @ 4:30 pm
Paleta X Lorna Jane Cleanse LEAD
Credit: courtesy Paleta

Celeb favorite farm-to-table meal delivery company Paleta has partnered up with Australian activewear brand Lorna Jane for a new nutrient-dense meal plan, and InStyle had the exclusive first taste.

The limited-edition 5- or 10-day Purify Cleanse is a combination of plant-based clean meals, protein shakes, ahh-mazing meal bars, and detox teas created by Paleta founder and Executive Chef Kelly Boyer, in partnership with Australian activewear line founder Lorna Jane Clarkson. “We became fast friends as soon as we met,” Boyer tells InStyle of the reason why she wanted to develop a program with Clarkson. “Sharing a love of healthy living, we immediately went to work to co-develop a program to cleanse the toxins right out of your system so you can experience a more joyful and healthful life.”

So we gave it a go for ourselves. Sure, giving up pizza, wine, and chocolate is no picnic (when is it ever?), but after a few days swapping coffee for tea and cookies for energy bars (which, by the way, taste like dessert anyway—almond fig is a favorite), we feel lighter, more focused, and just plain good. Which is why it comes as no surprise that celebs including Jessica Biel, Jaime King, and Felicity Huffman are all fans of Paleta’s healthy lifestyle approach.

And for those of you who get anxiety at the mere thought of a cleanse (we certainly did), Boyer gave us some wise words of wisdom while we were eyeing that piece of Magnolia Bakery cake on Day 6 of 10: “You can do anything for 5 or 10 days!” she says. “While some cleanses and detoxes on the market leave you feeling depleted, we designed this cleanse so that you don’t experience deprivation. We think of it as a foodie cleanse because the shakes, snacks, and meals are both nourishing and delicious.”

And gone are the days of not having enough energy to get out of bed, let alone go the gym, on a cleanse—we still had plenty of energy to sweat it out at SLT and at yoga class all week—while wearing cute pieces from Lorna Jane, of course.

The Paleta Purify Cleanse (prices start at $399) is available for a limited time starting July 21.