By Jami Gunzenhauser
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 8:00 am
Youtubers to Follow - Lead
Credit: magsy24/instagram; annasaccone/instagram; tesschristinexo/instagram

Run out of shows on Hulu? Watched every possible movie on Netflix? We've all been there.

For those times when it seems like nothing is on, we love to tune in to YouTube. Yes, YouTube, the video platform we all know and love, has an amazing community of women creating refreshing and uplifting vlog series. Ready to meet the women who creating must-see cooking videos, makeup tutorials, city guides, and much more? Here are the six that have us hitting "subscribe."

Anna Saccone

Saccone has been making fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos for years, originally under the name “The Style Diet.” The mom of two adorable toddlers and wife of hilarious husband Jonathan (all of whom appear on-camera) has amazing insight into staying healthy and fashionable as a busy mom in London. Tune in to see her famous "What I Ate Wednesday" videos, fitness routines, lots of mommy tips, and beauty favorites. (And check out their daily family vlog channel called "SacconeJolys" for more cute toddler antics.)

Tess Christine
Featuring travel diaries, clothing hauls and city guides, Tess Christine’s vlog lets you in on every aspect of her world. While attending school in the Midwest, the 25-year-old, who publicly goes simply by her first and middle name, found her niche in the YouTube community proving to her viewers that you can be on-trend no matter where you live. Her much-loved "Get The Look" videos feature real-life looks inspired by real celebrity outfits, including affordable dupes for everything from designer earrings to jackets and boots. Her days are spent exploring N.Y.C. and taking photos for Instagram with her friends and boyfriend, making her super relatable to her subscribers.

Kalel Cullen

Check out the L.A.-based Cullen's daily lifestyle vlogs with themes like "What's in My Bag" and "Vegan Beauty Haul." As a passionate vegan, Cullen has campaigned for PETA and frequently shares vegan shopping picks, "What I Eat in a Day" videos, and creative recipes. You'll love getting a peek at her beautiful home décor in her apartment (not to mention her gorgeous cats and cute boyfriend!).

Hannah Michalak

Michalak is the quintessential charming and trendy London resident. She has a knack for beauty and fashion and is certainly kept on her toes by her rambunctious little boy, 2-year-old Grayson. Her genuine and quirky personality is what keeps us hooked. Michalak's family also has a vlog channel, "The Michalaks," where her husband creates beautifully edited weekly vlogs of their adventures. (Then, go see her makeup bag company, Maggs London.)

Niomi Smart

If you're looking for health and fitness tips from an expert, Smart's channel is definitely the one for you to surf through. Launched as a fashion and lifestyle platform, Smart transitioned her focus when she began creating videos focused on improving her diet and exercise routine. You'll find fitness tutorials, recipe videos, and even vlogs of her prepping for and running the London Marathon. Her cookbook Eat Smart (currently only available in the U.K., $15; is a collection of her favorite health conscious yet delicious recipes that focus on natural foods.

Ingrid Nilsen

Twenty-seven-year-old Nilsen’s breakout channel was launched in 2009, and she quickly became one of the first beauty gurus on YouTube. Nilsen has gradually transformed her channel into more of a lifestyle platform, creating anything from delicious recipe videos to "lazy day routines." In 2015, she posted a video where she came out as gay, which racked up over 15 million views. Since then, she's been a huge inspiration to the LGBTQ community and has even interviewed President Obama about terrorism, women's health, marriage equality, and the strides we're making to find a cure for cancer.