By Tessa Trudeau
Updated Sep 06, 2017 @ 11:45 am
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If you're anything like us, then you have a soft spot for anything you grew up with that somehow came full circle to make its way back into your life as an adult. For us, this includes but is not limited to Lisa Frank debit cards, this collection of children's book artwork, a Polly Pocket purse, and the Sally Hansen x Crayola nail polish line, to name just a few.

To appease our affinity for all things '90s, we've found yet another brand bringing our childhood memories back to life. Today, Sept. 6, The Land of Nod is launching two different limited-edition collaborations, one with Care Bears, and one with Paul Frank, and it's giving us major nostalgia. The children's home goods retailer has partnered with these two brands to create a curated collection of adorable pieces and for those of you who now have kids of your own, it's the perfect way to bring your childhood into theirs.

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Care Bears for Nod is a vintage-inspired collection that celebrates the 35th anniversary of these cute little bears. The collab comes from the Care Bears' message to spread love and be caring of others, which is one of the best things we can teach our little ones. It will include vintage plush toys, bedding, quilts, throw pillows, sleeping bags, chairs, wall art, backpacks, and other accessories. We wish we were kids again!

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Paul Frank + Nod revolves around the brand's iconic mascot, Julius the Monkey, and all his friends. It's inspired by kids helping each other, so it too has a positive message. Plus, to make the collection even more special, Paul Frank, the man who started his eponymous line, has returned as the face of the brand once again. You can choose to outfit your kids' rooms in a variety of colorful bedding, wall art, home accessoires and furniture.

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Both collections are available starting today at