These fun ideas will persuade everyone to consider the kids table

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For a guest list that includes more than a handful of kids, it can be challenging to create an after-ceremony environment that's suitable (and fun!) for all ages. Normally fit for invitees over 21, receptions are more commonly decked out with open-bars, cigar-rolling stations, and other adult-themed activities, leaving kid-friendly entertainment options noticeably absent. If you're on the hunt for entertainment ideas that will cater to kids, we've tapped the minds of the industry's top professionals in party planning to gather ideas for a celebration that will ensure a joyous event for all ages.

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Take Up Space

Sarah True, owner and creative director of True Event, recommends setting up a separate space personally designated for your youngest guests. "I think it is great to be able to incorporate kids into the cocktail hour, but as the night goes on, if they are going to stay, it is nice for them to have their own space set-up and babysitters on hand so adults can enjoy the evening kid free." Creating a game-centric environment is a fun way to distract from adult tailored events, and True recalls an event in which cocktail hour became the backdrop for Rock Band and other kid-friendly games. "I love the idea of setting up a few big video game/arcade stations during cocktail hour. We did Rock Band and it was so much fun, for the kids and the adults! Everyone was rocking out."

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Rely on Variety

In order to guarantee constant entertainment, as well as an absence of boredom, maintaining an eccentric variety of activities is a great way to keep kids, and adults, entertained throughout the evening. Allyson Levine Joseph of Bob Gail Special Events suggests separate stations that include everything from "children's entertainers, a storytelling area with beanbag chairs, a craft station," while ultimately, "ending the night with a movie and popcorn!" This gives kids the option to "go back-and-forth to the party if they'd like, and allow parents to check in on their little ones without having to go too far."

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Pitch a Tent

For outdoor weddings, pitching a tent is a chic way to create a designated space for entertainment and kid-friendly amusement. "Another idea that I love for a backyard wedding is to have a tent dedicated to the kids where you can have movies playing under the stars, ping pong tables set up, corn hole, a photo booth," suggests True, who planned a wedding that involved a plethora of tented activities.

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"We had little tables set up with crafts, where kids were able to paint their messages to the bride and the groom. We hung them up in the tent so that guests could read their messages. We also had a balloon artist and airbrush tattoo company come in. This particular wedding had a lot of kids, so we incorporated a lot of activities and had a number of babysitters and camp counselors on the team to oversee the kids and to man the activity stations."

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