The entire site sold out twice in one month.

By Laura Reilly
Oct 26, 2020 @ 10:38 am
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Katie Holmes and her favorite face mask go together like the Kardashians and Birkin bags. Like Ugg boots and pumpkin spice lattes. Like the devil and Prada.

Credit: Getty Images

But, as it turns out, millions of other people are just as adamant that Holmes’s go-to Evolvetogether masks are their perfect match, too. The popular disposable Evolvetogether masks Holmes has been spotted wearing daily (in both black and the rare green color) are nearly impossible to keep in stock, having completely sold out across the site twice last month. Reason being: The masks are simply among the best.

Evolvetogether’s protective face masks are some of the only medical-grade, FDA-registered, and SGS-certified masks available to the general public. Their three-ply construction and soft ear loops make them extremely effective, comfortable, breathable, and skin-friendly.

Shop now: 7-pack for $9; 30-pack for $36;

Holmes isn’t the only A-lister to have added the masks to their everyday wear. Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and so many other celebrities have made the switch. But Holmes has certainly been one of the more newsworthy adopters, signalling developments in her burgeoning relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr. with repeat matching-face-mask moments.

Despite difficulty keeping masks in stock over the last several weeks due to outsize demand, as of this morning, Evolvetogether has restocked its site with six million ready-to-ship masks in all colors (even Holmes’s super-rare green one).

Given the alarming rate of Evolvetogether’s sell-outs over the past month, our contacts at the brand are cautioning that inventory levels are subject to run through fast. If you want to get your hands on one of Katie Holmes’s go-to masks, you’re going to want to do so soon.

Shop now: 7-pack for $9; 30-pack for $36;

Shop now: 7-pack for $9; 30-pack for $36;