Your June Horoscope Is Here

Mercury retrograde, Neptune retrograde, and both a solar and lunar eclipse are headed our way this month.

June Horoscope
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May passed over us like a fleeting springtime breeze and now June has arrived at our doorstep, a jarring reminder of the passage of time and that, no matter the current circumstances, sweet, sweet summer is nearly here. And, make no mistake: as the summer solstice and Cancer season kick off later this month, the stars will, indeed, remind you to seek out summertime vibes wherever you can, even if it means setting up a beach chair in your living room.

But June has more to offer us than piña coladas and long weekends: Mercury retrograde, Neptune retrograde, and both a solar and lunar eclipse are headed our way this month. As Mercury and the moon dredge up our past, the sun will put changes for the future in motion, and, at the end of month, Neptune will work its magic in the background, slowly revealing seemingly idyllic developments for what they really are. As warm and welcome as summer will be, we’ll have our share of trials to endure before we can take our moment in the sun.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

This month’s full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse will unfold in your fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, on the 5th, stoking the flames of your impulses, Aries. Something within is yearning to evolve, to break free, to see the light of day — what urges have you been tamping down for the sake of convenience? There’s never been a better time to expand your mind and explore new ways of expressing yourself. Plus, the lunar eclipse will happily remind you of the passion projects that haven’t suited you, the paths (or people) you’re better off not exploring. Prepare for a moment of clarity around your grandest, farthest-reaching desires, Aries.

Your ruling planet, combative Mars, charges into your sign on the 27th, granting you the opportunity to end this month on a strong, decisive note. You’ll be in your passionate, motivated element, Aries, and if you can wield that energy wisely, rather than using it to trample anyone who gets in your way, you’ll start to make tangible progress toward the goals you set earlier this month — just beware of where your own temper may land you.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

In a time when it’s all too easy to yearn for the unknown, for adventure and new experiences, it’s almost a gift when “real life” keeps our thoughts from wandering too far afield. Such will be your reality this month, Taurus, as your cup will runneth over with household chores, middling work emails, plus plenty of virtual happy hours and family catch-ups. Although you may have the energy for these demands at first, watch out for burnout — and make time on the 21st, when the new moon and a solar eclipse will coincide in Cancer, to consider the extent to which you’re willing to go to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone around you. A change in how your everyday life flows could be on its way.

Breathe a sigh of relief on the 25th, when Venus, your ruling planet, ends its retrograde in your house of money and security. While it won’t be wise to go on a spending spree, you will have the option to loosen your purse strings slightly. The retrograde may have had you rehashing and bemoaning every impulse purchase you’ve made in the last year, but along the way you likely learned how to better handle your cash — now, you can move forward without the guilt and with your newfound savviness.

The Land of La

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Action planet Mars has been in your house of career and reputation since mid-May, Gemini, presenting you with opportunities for success and public meltdowns in equal measure. Paired with the kickoff of Gemini season on May 20, you’re coming into June on a hot streak — it’s up to you whether you choose to charge ahead, reckless as it may be, or to temper your approach (believe it or not, you could make even more headway with a gentle touch, as opposed to a sledge hammer).

If you opt to continue at breakneck speed, June 18 will come as a rude awakening, when Mercury, your ruling planet, begins its retrograde. Be particularly careful and meticulous when it comes to spending during this period, Gem. Keep a handle on your mobile banking passwords and don’t save your credit info on any old device. The sun will move into your money sector on the 20th and the new moon will join it the following day — despite any confusion wrought by the retrograde, clarity around cash matters will soon arrive.

The Land of La

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Patient Crab, your birthday season is right around the corner: The sun will move into your sign for its annual 30-day stay on the 20th, and the following day will see not only a new moon but an annular solar eclipse in Cancer to boot. An active and (hopefully) carefree end of the month (think of your solar season as your personal New Year’s) will be preceded by a personally fortifying (albeit challenging) full moon.

The full moon on the 5th will arrive in your health sector, revealing how you should improve your well-being and supercharging your self-discipline in one fell swoop. The lunar eclipse accompanying the full moon may bring up some long standing concerns or insecurities around your approach to wellness, but so what if you couldn’t make a running routine stick or you’ve struggled to go screen-free at bedtime in the past? As is always the case with eclipses, this is your chance to dig up old feelings and points of view — then toss them aside for good. As this lunar cycle ends a new one begins, so, too, can you hit the refresh button on how you treat and care for yourself, Cancer — self-doubt be damned.

The Land of La

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Mark your calendar for the 5th when the full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will present you with not only a chance to cut loose for a night but, potentially, a creative breakthrough as well. Your inner child will come out to play this evening, so seek out some fun, even if you’re cooped up at home (pillow fort, anyone?). And don’t be afraid to express yourself — break out your paint set or journal at the very least. You have a vision, Leo, and you have it in you to bring it to life.

While the real party of the summer won’t begin until July, when your birthday season begins, you’ll still have reason to kick back and enjoy yourself when the sun moves into Cancer on the 20th and heralds the summer solstice. Rest, recharge, and refocus yourself, even if it means donning sound-proof headphones and retreating to the farthest part of the house. This has been an uncertain and unstable time for all of us, even you Leos who always seem to have your heads in the game — so don’t let this opportunity to take a breather pass you by.

The Land of La

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The month will begin on a quiet note when the full moon and accompanying penumbral lunar eclipse arrives in your house of home and hearth on the 5th. Something in your personal life is about to change, Virgo. Perhaps your physical living space will undergo some modifications (or even upgrades) or an old relationship may fade into the background. These changes always come in time with lunar eclipses, but if you make the active decision to let something go, do so in order to make room for new possibilities and, ultimately, growth.

Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, goes retrograde on the 18th. Not only will its signature miscommunications and logistical mishaps be in full effect, but, because it’s going down in Cancer, an emotional water sign, any awkward slip ups or absent mindedness will hit us a little harder — and directly in our feelings. As you may have guessed, this will only mean extra work for you, a thick-skinned earth sign. You may end up being the shoulder to cry on for more than a few friends, which will only add to your retrograde-related grievances. Even though your level-headed sign knows not to take every little slight personally, that doesn’t mean you should roll your eyes when your more sensitive friend gets hurt by an offhand comment. Just lend them an ear and try to take their mind off it, Virgo.

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Libra (September 22 - October 23)

The balancing act of social grace that your sign is so famous for will be put to the test this month, Libra, particularly when it comes to your career. The very end of May likely saw you slinging wisdom and making key connections at work, but your charisma around the (virtual) water cooler could take a critical hit on the 18th when Mercury retrograde begins. Finding an easy middle ground between schmoozing and saying too much will be difficult, if not impossible — your normally social sign might be better off keeping quiet when your coworkers start gossiping.

Where the retrograde will throw off your current standing at work, the annular solar eclipse on the 21st (which coincides with the new moon in Cancer) will shake things up for your future self, setting into motion changes in your professional life that may take a few days to take effect. In this time when uncertainty is rapidly becoming the norm, do not fear the newness that comes with change — prepare and brace for it, but welcome and adapt to it when it ultimately arrives.

The Land of La

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

This month opens with you feeling tapped, as if a pinhole leak is widening — something is being drained from crucial resources (secrets, alliances, emergency funds). Or, at least, that’s what you suspect. Matters of the most private areas of your life are on your mind and you may end up acting particularly guarded as a result. Let the full moon on the 5th reassure you of your safety and stability — even as concerns mount around who knows what (and a meddlesome Mercury retrograde approaches on the 18th), you can rest easily knowing that your most trustworthy friends (and the intimate knowledge you share with them) are still on your side.

Cancer, your fellow water sign, will host the sun for its annual birthday season starting on the 20th, launching a month-long period of restlessness for you. This time of year often finds you craving some kind of adventure or escape, which might be difficult to satisfy this year, but not all hope is lost. The new moon on the 21st will remind you that a little self-exploration, perhaps via journaling, meditation, or learning a new skill, can be just as rewarding as a physical trek into the unknown. We all know that your waters run deep, Scorpio, and this is the perfect time to dive into them. The annular solar eclipse that coincides with the new moon will, in the following days, help to highlight where you ought to direct your wanderlust.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Gemini season always finds you in a particularly playful mood, Sagittarius, and you’ve been enjoying those vibes since May 20. The second half of Gem’s time in the sun will see the good times (especially in your love life) continue to roll, plus it’ll be punctuated by a full moon and penumbral eclipse in your very own sign on June 5. On one hand, this lunar happening is an opportunity to address your emotional needs exactly as you see fit (maybe a night of self-care or a venting session with pals is in order). On the other hand, however, the eclipse could bring a desire to light that you’ve kept buried from even yourself: a grudge, a fear, a self-serving dream. It will be difficult when this shadow part of yourself emerges, but unearthing it is the first step toward letting it go — which is, indeed, what this eclipse would like you to do.

This inner work will start to pay off on the 21st, when the new moon and an annular solar eclipse bookend the celestial events of the 5th. You cleared away those old feelings to prepare for something new, a tangible development in your life that will teach you about how you should actually process your emotions.

The Land of La

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Celestial activity will abound in your relationships sector in the second half of the month, Capricorn, so mark your calendar now. First, Mercury begins its retrograde on the 18th, kicking off three weeks in which you’re better off skirting sensitive issues and putting petty disagreements to the side with your friends and S.O. Direct, objective communication (the only type of communication that you Caps seem to like) won’t come easily during this period.

Next up, the sun will join Mercury on the 20th and remind you why your relationships are so important to you — and that, even if some feelings are hurt due to the retrograde, these bonds are worth fighting (read: apologizing and compromising) for. If something remains amiss in your relationships, that instability could underpin a larger change that will arrive in the wake of the annular solar eclipse on the 21st. Don’t brace for the worst just yet — solar eclipses foretell of new beginnings, which, yes, could take the form of a new period of singledom for you, but could also mean the start of a new chapter in your current relationship. As hard as it may be for you stubborn Goats, all you can do is await and greet the changes as they come.

The Land of La

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Your humanitarian sign may have had a particularly difficult time adapting to the current state of social distancing, Aquarius, but, with the full moon on the 5th, you may strike upon new ways to cultivate a sense of community. Even if you’re at home and far from your friends, an important phone call or message will remind you of you much you mean to those in your wider social circle. However, this could also mean that you’ll spend the night cleaning up someone else’s mess or sorting out how others feel, but as a social air sign, you just might enjoy yourself more than you’ll let on.

Let the summer solstice be your cue to put your well-being front-and-center. This has nothing to do with getting a beach body and everything to do with feeling grounded, steady, and sure in your body just as it is. That means moving it when it feels stiff, resting it when it’s fatigued, and fueling it when it asks. While the sun is in Cancer, from June 20 to July 22, you won’t just derive physical pleasure from caring for yourself but you’ll feel mentally and emotionally restored, as well.

The Land of La

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Venus retrograde has been beleaguering your sense of home since May 13, Pisces. How are you holding up? This transit can generate a sense of unease in your family and in your literal living space to boot, leading nostalgic feelings to turn into resentment and comfort into total dissatisfaction with your living space. As difficult as it may be, stay the course until this retrograde ends on the 25th — don’t stir up conflict between your bickering aunts and please, don’t make any renovations that aren’t easily reversible (peel and stick wallpaper is your friend).

Your ruling planet, Neptune, has been drifting through your sign since 2011 and it will begin yet another retrograde period on the 23rd. You’ve been through this annual backspin plenty of times by now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll mindlessly go through the motions this time around. More accurately, you’ll undergo a five-month period of self-discovery, one that could be peppered with harsh truths. Your seemingly reasonable goals may suddenly appear defeatingly distant, and the optimism that told you to aim high might have been blind idealism in disguise. You won’t necessarily have to squash all your hopes and dreams, dear Pisces, but you will have to inject a little more reality into them if you want to see progress.

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