Think about what kind of sweetness you want to sink your teeth into this month.

Strawberry Moon
Credit: Michela Ravasio/Stocksy

If you’re still ruminating on the cathartic air of last month's blue moon, prepare for a major change of pace. On Monday, June 17, the full moon will arrive in fire sign Sagittarius, the bold adventurer and far-seeing archer of the Zodiac. Where May saw us riding the waves of emotions, the June 2019 full moon will ask us to seek out the fastest current to sail toward our desires.

“Sagittarians aim their arrows and hit their marks,” explains Najah Lightfoot, author of Good Juju: Mojos, Rites and Practices for the Magical Soul. In turn, when the full moon appears in this sign, it “gives a boost to anything you are targeting, or goals you are trying to reach,” she explains.

In other words, this month’s full moon will likely be a high-energy period, in which we may feel compelled to work harder, chase our passions, and even take some risks we normally wouldn’t. Depending on your personality, this influence could prove to be a blessing or a curse. Because, as much as a Sagittarian full moon can promote forward thinking and precise execution, it can just as easily prompt us to act recklessly.

“Sagittarius has a quick and restless energy which can lead to rash actions or unpredictable behavior,” explains Melanie Marquis, author of titles including A Witch's World of Magick and The Witch's Bag of Tricks. She adds that our impulsive actions can have a major effect on those around us, so, even as you allow the Sagittarian moon to, say, provide you with the motivation needed to get ahead at work, make sure you aren’t doing so at the cost of others’ feelings.

You can avoid trampling over your coworkers or making a hurtfully blunt of a comment to your pals by practicing patience — and, Lightfoot says, remembering to breathe deeply when your rapid-fire pace starts to get the better of you. She adds that this isn’t a great time to push too hard for one specific outcome, or to rush a project that isn’t quite ready. It’ll be better to focus your efforts toward what you can realistically accomplish, without getting hung up on forces out of your control.

Luckily, if you find yourself getting a little too fired up on Monday, keep in mind the spiritual associations of the June full moon. It’s also referred to as the Strawberry Full Moon, meaning this full moon phase coincides with that delicious berry’s harvest season. This month’s full moon is traditionally a time of wonder, in which people are encouraged to care for themselves, seek beauty in their surroundings, and, most importantly, incite positive changes in their lives. “If there is something in your life that is causing you to feel stuck or unhappy, this month’s full moon gives you an excellent opportunity to gain a fresh perspective that will allow you to finally move forward,” Marquis offers.

Lightfoot echoes this sentiment, and points out that there’s meaning in the fact that June’s full moon will arrive in the final days of spring, the season of new beginnings. That feeling of endless possibility that comes with spring is still available to you, if, as Marquis suggested, you’re willing to channel that Sagittarian vigor into your own personal progress. As Lightfoot puts it, “change is always just a turn of the wheel away.” You’ve just got to sink your teeth into it.

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