This Month's New Moon Will Provide the Break We've All Been Waiting For

Finally, a bit of rest and tranquility.

July's New Moon (7/20) Will Give Us a Chance to Fully Recover from Last Month's
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Don’t let the sunshine fool you — these long summer days (many of which you may have spent completely indoors) have taken their toll. It’s easy to lose track of your personal needs in the midst of the past month’s solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and Mercury retrograde. Between the internal and external changes wrought by the eclipses and the miscommunications that likely ramped up during the retrograde, you probably haven’t gotten much in the way of simple, decent rest. Luckily, the new moon on Monday, July 20, will present you with a shining opportunity to do just that, no strings attached (in theory).

Finally, a Cancerian new moon we can enjoy.

As you may recall, last month’s new moon fell in Cancer, too, but it brought a solar eclipse along with it, upending our understanding of our personal lives, ushering in changes within our home and family zones, and, as a result, counteracting the soothing effects of the lunar phase. While you may still be reeling from (or, hopefully, seamlessly adapting to) the effects of that solar event, you can rest easily knowing that this month’s new moon in Cancer will not come with any kind of seismic celestial shifts in tow.

Instead, we should be able to expect an evening of uninterrupted tranquility. The new moon is the quietest, least demanding point in the lunar cycle: It rewards reflection, restorative practices, and planning for the immediate future. Meanwhile, Cancer is a natural host sign for the moon (it is, after all, this sign’s ruling heavenly body), particularly when it’s new. Deeply linked to domestic matters, personal care, and family, this sign is more than happy to spend a quiet night in with little more than a blanket, journal, and glass of wine to keep them occupied. And that’s just the kind of night you can plan to have during the new moon. That is, if you want to.

You can kick back and relax, but here’s how to make the most of it.

While you can absolutely view this lunar phase as an oasis in the midst of an otherwise chaotic summer, you also have the option to make it work for you. Again, the new moon doesn’t lend itself well to action-packed plans, but it does highlight where you have the potential for action and change in your life.

If you’ve been itching to make a change in your living situation, relationship, or familial situation, the night of the 20th could provide you with the peace, quiet, and clarity needed to land on a plan that will eventually scratch that itch. Maybe you’ll pore over Pinterest boards for nest-feathering ideas or touch base with your partner about where the relationship is headed — either way, take things nice and slow.

The point of a new moon is to acknowledge all that you can do, then choose what, exactly, you want to do. Doing more than that is beyond the demands of the phase. Think of yourself as a boulder at the top of a hill. You don’t have to worry about your trajectory down the slope or even where you’ll land. Focus, instead, on what is going to deliver that initial nudge to set things in motion.

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