See what your July 2019 horoscope has to say about your summer plans, ahead.

July Horoscope
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We’ll be subject to some intense leonine energy this July, as the sign of the regal Lion is already playing host to Mercury, plus war planet Mars on the 5th, the sun on the 23rd, Venus on the 27th, and the new moon on the 31st. You’ll want everyone to hear you roar, but don’t act so emboldened that you wind up on others’ bad sides (because they’ll be feeling just as fierce as you). You can temper your, well, temper by leaning into the placid energy of the two new moons bookending the month — in addition to the one on the 31st, we’ll see a new moon arrive in Cancer on July 2.

This rare occurrence, sometimes referred to as a black moon, presents us with the opportunity to hit pause as the month begins, and then again as it draws to a close. No matter how frenzied this month may feel (and, with an energizing full moon in corporate-climber Capricorn, a total solar eclipse, a partial lunar eclipse, and a Mercury retrograde to boot, it’s bound to), rest easy knowing that you’ll have a chance to recover before August begins. Whether your recovery involves ambitious plans for the future or damage control will all depend on how this month treats your sign.


What if you were to tread lightly, rather than charge forward, dear Ram? What if you were to stay in for a weekend, instead of burning the candle at both ends? These little experiments of will would normally test your patience, but this month you’ll feel the comfort of your home beckoning, and the memories of old friends compelling you to give them a call. Finding contentment exactly where you are will be enough of a task for you, but that won’t be your only challenge in July.

Mercury’s retrograde on the 7th will come with a flurry of thoughts and ideas for you, particularly around how you make your feelings and desires known to others. Your signature straight-shooting style might not be so effective under these skies. No matter how badly you want something (and your wants are often great and immediate), you may need to find new or unconventional ways to ask for it. When the messenger planet goes direct on the 31st, you can return to your old ways — unless you discover that the indirect approach has its benefits.


Everyone who counts you as a sure friend (and there are even more than you think) will make that perfectly clear to you this month, Taurus. You’ll be the guest of honor at your friends’ barbecues and your coworkers will tap you for sage advice over Slack. Prepare to be very busy. Some signs crave a packed schedule, but Bulls tend to dread a full calendar, even if it’s brimming with theoretically fun engagements. As if by clockwork, Mercury will begin its retrograde period on the 7th and call your routine into question.

It’s all too common for stubborn Taureans to impose unnecessary structures on their lives, thinking they’ll lead to some unquantifiable sort of improvement, when they’re actually just adding one more thing to worry about. Needling Mercury won’t just shake your faith in your current mode of living — the communication planet could very well reveal that it’s fatally flawed. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your schedule this month, Taurus, even if that simply amounts to waking up a little later.


You’ll feel a major boost in social motivation on the 1st, and your desire to be where the people are will stay with you all month long. This will make for a potent (and dangerous) combo when Mercury, your ruling planet, begins its retrograde and sets its sights on your communication sector. As accustomed as you may be to Mercury’s shifting focus, don’t let your confidence (and boundless energy) call all the shots this month. The wind in your sails may tell you to surge ahead and trust the current to carry you to shore, but you’re better off dropping anchor and setting a clear route first.

The full moon on the 16th, right in the thick of Mercury’s retrograde, will all but beg you to avoid putting your foot in your mouth. Boundaries of all sorts are of the utmost importance under these skies, Gemini — be wary of lending money and starting conversation with bits of gossip. You never know what you may receive in return.


You tend to be particularly affected by the whims of the moon, Cancer. It is, after all, your ruling planet — and this month, its activity will be nearly impossible to ignore. First, the new moon on the 2nd will arrive in your very own sign and bring any buried questions around your sense of self to the surface. Where have you lost your confidence, Cancer? Where can you go to regain it? A sensitive sign like yours is quick to doubt and slow to recognize where you really, truly, are powerful.

Reclaiming faith in yourself will be the key to success on the 16th, when the full moon reaches its peak in Capricorn. There’s a relationship that needs your attention, Cancer — and it might not be the first one that comes to mind. You’re quick to act when you see something about to break, but how often do you acknowledge the things in your life that function smoothly? Don’t spend this full moon reacting. Rather, spend time with the person in your life with whom you can simply enjoy the balance of your connection. The second new moon of the month on the 31st will ask you to look outside of yourself and cull your resources, amid the extravagant urges of Leo season.


Should you stay or should you go, Leo? You’re rapidly approaching your solar season, when the sun moves into your sign and hits you with the spotlight you know you deserve. But, you may need to tread lightly before you can tumble into your birthday season on the 23rd. On the first day of the month, aggressive Mars enters your house of self, urging you to chase your goals and give voice to your desires. Be careful, however, that you don’t let your head get too big — or too hot — while riding these waves of motivation. Your ego and temper are powerful enough without Mars’ encouragement, Leo.

While the red planet will be the fuel in your tank, Mercury and its impending retrograde on the 7th could make you hit the brakes, and thus dampen your plans to take over the world (or, you know, at least your small corner of it). What’s more, this planetary backspin will occur in your sign, directly muddling Mars’ message for you to get up and go. The solution? Remember the past when working toward future success, weigh your options carefully, and remember that second-guessing your decisions doesn’t make you any less the Queen of the Jungle.


Your sign is known — and often praised — for its analytical ability to process information, but you’re no slouch at sharing info, either, Virgo. And your communication skills will come to the forefront early this month, as you find yourself repeatedly in situations where collaboration is the key to success. Take time during the new moon on the 2nd to think how you can best connect with others — and whom you ought to prioritize when forging these bonds.

The full moon in your fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on the 16th will see you in a rare playful mood. Not that you don’t know how to have fun, Virgo, it’s just that you so rarely allow yourself to do so. Feel free to kick up your heels during this lunar phase, and if you absolutely must feel productive in some way, focus on a personal project that satisfies your imaginative side and inner desires. Your budget and to-do list can wait — it’s that journaling exercise and DIY wallpaper that need your attention now.


It’s time for a professional makeover, Libra. Starting with the new moon on July 2, your thoughts will turn toward your career path — are you making steady, relatively straightforward progress or has it taken a long and winding route recently? Reflect on your trajectory and don’t let the idea of a five-year plan intimidate you. During this lunar phase, that sort of long-term thinking may actually appeal to you.

The following day, Venus, your ruling planet, will set its gaze on your work life, too. You could very well charm your way into accomplishing the first few steps of your new moon plan, as you’ll suddenly have the ear of both your peers and managers. An informal air may overtake the office. There’s nothing wrong with a little idle conversation, but your Venusian powers are strong, Libra. Be careful you don’t mess with anyone’s heart while enjoying some innocent happy hour banter. The second new moon on the 31st will bring you some clarity around who, exactly, you should be glad-handing.


The events of this month will ask you the following not-so-simple question, Scorpio: Can you maintain your mysterious, alluring facade while still projecting an accurate image of yourself? You tend to have an aloof, introspective air that attracts others — yet affords you with plenty of precious alone time. The new moon on the 2nd will reward you for any “you” time spent on your passion projects, especially those that broaden your horizons or transform your world view.

The Mercury retrograde that begins on the 7th, however, will not look kindly on you if you’re acting one way in front of others, only to behave totally differently in private. This is not to say that you have to reveal your every secret to anyone who asks (truly, a Scorpio nightmare). Rather, this period will ask you if it’s time to reconsider how you’ve been presenting yourself, particularly at work. This could mean having to lift your ultra-cool veil, but your most valued partnerships could actually benefit when you allow those around you to glance behind the curtain.

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Ready to make your escape, Sag? This month will find you in overdrive, itching for new experiences and ready with another fun fact or idea at every turn. You’ll be next to unstoppable while Mars is in fellow fire sign Leo, but what remains uncertain is how, exactly, you’ll channel all this energy. Consider planning a trip somewhere you’ve never been or pouring yourself into an activity in your own neighborhood. Invite whoever you wish along for the ride, but don’t drag anyone into your harebrained schemes, no matter how fired up you feel.

The full moon on the 16th will ask you to secure your resources and, once you’re confident in that area, look beyond your wants and needs — you might notice a friend who could use your support. Despite how it may feel at first, this lunar phase isn’t actually scolding you for looking out for number one. Rather, it’s simply reminding you of the balancing act at the core of any important relationship.


As a steadfast earth sign, you usually have a clear idea of what you want, Capricorn — and you don’t like to be held back from acquiring it. But this month could see you stepping away from purely self-serving actions to focus more on the goals you share with loved ones. The first week of the month will present you with ample opportunities to get on the same page as your partner or best pal, to make sure you’re working toward the same milestone and in agreement about the current flow of your relationship. This won’t necessarily be a businesslike check-in — on the 3rd, in particular, sparks could fly and laughter will come easily.

In order to know your needs and desires, sometimes you must look outside of yourself, to the people you value most. Nurture your most important partnerships this month, even if it means slowing down your personal progress. The full moon in your sign on the 16th could tempt you toward selfishness, but stay the course, Cap — those who truly have your back will celebrate your many gifts in due time.


You pride yourself on your selflessness, Aquarius, but when combative Mars enters your opposite sign, fiery Leo, on July 1, you could very easily lose sight of the greater good in exchange for petty battles of wills. You may even catch yourself squaring off some of your dearest friends and egos could end up bruised, even if you’re only bickering over where to go for drinks.

When Mercury, also camped out in Leo, begins its retrograde on the 7th, the temptation to burn some bridges could grow even stronger, but resist making any rash decisions. As is usually the case with Mercury’s retrograde periods, slower is always better. In your case, that means sitting with and parsing out any conflicts that crop up, rather than breezing past them or — worse still — burying them altogether. You’ll get a break from the drama when Mercury continues its reverse course and directs its focus toward your wellness routine on the 19th. Catch up on sleep and reconsider your scant hydration routine, Water Bearer.


Is there a spring in your step, Pisces? Your sector of pleasure, imagination, and creativity is all lit up as July begins, and you should feel empowered to bask in this warmth to your heart’s content — get back into painting, convince your S.O. to play hooky for a day, even give lucid dreaming a try. Even as Mercury retrograde interrogates your current approach to structure and self-care from the 7th to the 31st, try to make time for a little carefree expression along the way.

You often find it difficult to get out of your own head, Pisces, but the full moon on the 16th will drive you right out of it and ask you to, instead, join the community outside your front door. You may not be a fan of large groups, but you have so much to offer those around you. People will always need a shoulder to lean on and a bit of sage advice, Pisces, and if no one asks you outright for your intuitive support, seek out a friend and offer it up yourself.

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