How to Prepare for January's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Friday's full moon wants you to chill out — but the lunar eclipse has other plans.

January Full Moon/Eclipse
Photo: Blazej Lyjak/Getty Images

The very first full moon of 2020 is rapidly approaching and will reach its peak this Friday, January 10, at 2:21 p.m. EST (not to worry — it’ll still be fully visible by nightfall). This lunar phase will take place in nurturing Cancer and comes with a kind-hearted message in tow.

Given Cancer’s homebody tendencies, this is a great night to relax and recharge at home, and to make sure that all is well in your family (and that could either mean your blood relatives or your chosen family).

Ahead, the meaning of January's full moon — also known as the Full Wolf Moon — plus what means for the start of your year that it corresponds with a lunar eclipse.

The Full Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning

This Cancerian caregiving energy meshes naturally with the traditional significance of January's full moon, which is often known as the Full Wolf Moon, in that wolves move in packs and take care of their own.

In the aftermath of an undoubtedly frenzied holiday season, it’s important to check in with your nearest and dearest to make sure they’re starting the new year off with the support they need. Cancerian moons are known to heighten emotions and make us all feel more sensitive than usual, so keep in mind that you may run into drama. The challenge there will be to not get overly involved or stir the pot when you check in with your loved ones during this period.

But What About the January 2020 Lunar Eclipse?

If that was all we had to look forward to, this might be an otherwise run-of-the-mill, even unremarkable, lunar event. But, in addition to the monthly full moon, Friday will see a penumbral lunar eclipse — which will make this a night to remember.

In general, eclipses are regarded as astrological turning points: They signal the end of something old and the beginning of something new. They’re just as likely to present us with challenges as they are to usher in periods of positive change, which makes them all the more thrilling to anticipate — which outcome will befall you? The fact that this eclipse will arrive in early January, just as we settle into 2020 and still have resolutions on the brain, leads us to hope that this eclipse will err on the side of positive changes.

Either way, eclipses are opportunities for growth. Even if your regular way of life is disrupted or changed for the worse, a chance to adapt and learn (if you’re willing) should eventually follow. Rather than harbingers of doom or immense luck, eclipses are better viewed simply as turning points, bends in the current. It’s up to each of us to determine whether we’ll go with the flow or swim upstream.

The Bottom Line

Whether you spend this Friday riding the waves of change or finding restorative ease at home, this evening’s celestial events will help set the tone for the rest of the month — and even the year. Take note of what demands your attention during this period.

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