The Upcoming Full Moon In Leo Could Leave Some Bruised Egos In Its Wake (If You Aren't Careful)

Here's how to avoid any diva-esque outbursts.

The Full Moon This Week Could Leave Some Bruised Egos In Its Wake (If You Aren’t Careful)

Last month, the full moon asked us to enjoy some peace and quiet. This month, however, it will demand that we step out of our respective shells and greet our adoring public (such as it is). That’s because the first full moon of 2021, arriving this Thursday, January 28, will reach its peak in the regal sign of Leo. Attitudes will be warmer — but undeniably dramatic. Egos will be hungrier — but we’ll feel an increased sense of generosity nonetheless.

The full moon in Leo wants you to claim — and celebrate — what’s yours.

Ruled by the sun and the element of fire, Leo is often characterized as the star, the lead actor, of the Zodiac. After all, people born under this sign have the kind of leadership skills, bravery, and magnetic personalities that warrant a front-and-center spotlight on the world stage. They are as warm and welcoming as they are dignified and self-assured. This sign knows perfectly well the gifts and strengths it possesses — and, if you play your cards right, you’ll land on the select list of people who get to share in those gifts. Leos give as good as they get. If you show them respect, they can be incredibly generous, loving, and loyal.

When the full moon beams brightly through this already luminous sign, everyone, not just Leos, will realize what gifts they’ve quietly amassed over the last month. Coming off a year like 2020, it may be difficult to view anything as a positive right now, but this full moon will highlight exactly what you’ve earned since the last Leo full moon, which took place last February.

A win, no matter how small, is still a win under these celebratory skies. Start practicing your victory dance now — this Thursday it will be in your interest to look on the bright side, pinpoint what you have to be grateful for, and hold it up for the triumph that it is. This is an excellent time to make a “compliments” folder of the nice comments you’ve received from coworkers. Or, you can spend the evening looking back on how your hobbies have developed. (Have your sourdough skills excelled? Are you walking longer and faster miles?) You may even have seen growth in your relationships that warrant some recognition — say, you added a pandemic pet to the household or you and your S.O. reached a new romantic milestone.

This full moon’s traditional meaning may bring out a dark side of Leonine energy.

Traditionally, the January full moon is associated with nature’s most distinctive elements at this time of year: the Wolf Moon for the packs of canines seen prowling despite the chill in the air; the Snow Moon for said chill in the air; the Severe Moon and the Hard Moon for the importance (and difficulty) of survival when the temperatures are low and the natural world lies dormant. These names point to a (historically very valid) scarcity mindset many felt during the wintertime. We may feel that same desire to cull resources still, despite the fact that modern luxuries have drastically reduced the sense of urgency behind those instincts.

As we mentioned earlier, Leos place a premium on the give-and-take dynamic of any relationship. If they start to feel like things are moving in one direction (that direction being away from them), they may become withholding, their usual warmth dampened by a sense of indignity. So, if we aren’t in a particularly forgiving mood this Thursday, the full moon’s emphasis on scarcity could end up working in tandem with Leo’s what-about-me attitude and result in some seriously bruised egos. The trick to avoiding any diva-esque outbursts is to look at what is abundant, what can be spared, and therefore, shared in your life. Remember Leo’s capacity for benevolence and cut your friends and acquaintances some slack if they come to you asking for a favor. Even if you don’t get what’s coming to you right away, perhaps an I.O.U. will suffice for the moment.

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