A Dramatic Full Moon Is Coming for Your Weekend, if Not Your Whole Year

Full Moon January
Photo: Copyright 2019 VICTOR TORRES/Stocksy

After a relatively smooth start to 2019, we are about to see the first major astrological shakeup of the new year: the full moon on January 20-21. First, there will be a total lunar eclipse, then, just a handful of hours later, the January full moon will reach its peak. Dedicated horoscope readers have had these dates in their calendars for a while now, and for good reason — events like this have the potential to set the tone for our next six months. But back to the moon at hand: Starting Sunday, we could be looking at some big changes to the the status quo.

Astrologically speaking, eclipses (of both the solar and lunar variety) usually signal the end of something old and the beginning of something new — whether that “something” is a habit, relationship, job, or pastime depends on the individual. That’s not to say that eclipses always aim to wrench you away from what’s comforting and good in your life. They are regular celestial events that remind us of the inevitability of change as well as the importance of adaptability. And, more often than not, they arrive just when we need these reminders most.

Case in point, this upcoming eclipse and full moon will take place in Leo, a fire sign known for its warmth, willfulness, and, er, slightly dramatic tendencies. Plus, it’s called the Wolf Moon, because it takes place during the time of year when (slightly dramatic) wolves howl. How exactly this powerful combo will affect you depends on your sign, but, in general, our emotions will run higher than usual, our energy will be lower, and our patience will be in short supply. Lunar events in Leo encourage us to put ourselves first, which may help us notice any internal developments that coincide with the eclipse.

But, as anyone who’s enthusiastically embraced an “I’m gonna do me” attitude likely knows, this influence can easily make us act like jerks. Be careful that you aren’t shirking any personal responsibilities next Monday because you “have a lot going on.” Making sure that you’re there for yourself and those around you will make this celestial transition easier. It might help to focus on the self-maintenance kind of self-care, and not the self-indulgent variety.

And that brings us to how you can prepare for this period of adjustment. Luckily, the new year probably put you in the mood to evaluate what’s been working in your life and what hasn’t. Revisit your NYE reflections to get a better idea of what Monday’s eclipse may ask you to let go of. Maybe you’ve been considering a lateral move at work (or a departure from your current career path altogether). Or, maybe a once-meaningful relationship has been in a holding pattern — the time for you to address what has stymied your growth as a duo may be fast approaching.

There’s always a chance that an eclipse will trigger a completely unforeseen change, one that bars you from any other options and only offers one way forward. But, reviewing the parts of your life that are already in flux will help you brace for the eclipse’s impact.

Whatever ends up shifting, remember that this isn’t the end. It’s also the start of something different — and shouldn’t that be exciting?

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