By Kim Peiffer
Updated Nov 16, 2017 @ 12:15 pm
iPhone X - Lead 
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Sure, everyone’s buzzing about the face ID feature on the new iPhone X, but here at InStyle we’re just as jazzed (if not more) about the camera features. Here’s how to take your Instagram game to a whole new level with the phone’s incredible camera features:

5 New Lighting Features

iPhone X users can take advantage of the Portrait Lighting feature that brings a new dimension to Portrait mode with 5 new Lighting modes:

- Natural Light. Your subject’s face in sharp focus against a blurred background.

- Studio Light. A clean look at your subject’s face brightly lit.

- Contour Light. Dramatic shadows with highlights and lowlights.

- Stage Light. Your subject’s face spotlit against a deep black background.

- Stage Light Mono. Like Stage, but in classic black-and-white.

Live Photo Effects

For a fun way to bring even more life to your Live Photos, try one of the new Live Photo effects: Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. Simply swipe up on a Live Photo in your camera roll to apply one of the effects on your photos. Try them out on photos of fireworks, waterfalls, active kids, or running dogs. Share them with friends and family via iCloud Photo Sharing, iMessage, and email, or post them to social media.

- Loop to repeat the action in a continuous looping video.

- Bounce plays the action backward and forward.

- Long Exposure simulates a DSLR-like effect by stacking Live Photo video frames to blur the action.

Additional X Camera Tips

- Tap 2x in photos and videos for optical zoom; press and hold to zoom up to 10x

- iPhone X uses Quad-LED True Tone flash with Slow Sync. True Tone flash with Slow Sync is useful in low light when you want a brighter foreground subject with a properly exposed background.

- Access your camera from the lock screen using 3D Touch

- Want to take a picture while you are recording? Grab it by tapping the white circle to the left of your record button.

- Use Burst mode to continuously capture 10 photos per second, just go to the Camera app and hold the shutter.

- Tap the screen and hold to lock exposure and focus — this is especially handy when you’re shooting a specific point in a scene with a lot of movement

- To display a grid that can help you align shots, go to Settings > Photos & Camera, then turn on Grid.

Happy snapping!