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Quincy Fox
Credit: quincyfox/Instagram

You've seen cute dogs, and you probably are aware of how adorable baby foxes are. But you've never seen anything quite like Quincy Fox.

Quincy rose to Instagram fame after her photographer mom started posting adorable photos of the Pomeranian puppy who looks unbelievably close to a baby fox. With red and white coloring, a short haircut, and a long fluffy tail, Quincy could easily be mistaken for a fox cub.

The New Yorker can be found relaxing at home under some blankets, hanging out with mom on set, or strutting her stuff on the sidewalks of the Big Apple. With more than 22k followers on Instagram, Quincy has a lot of people to please, and she certainly doesn't disappoint.

We sat down with the foxy lady to catch up and discuss all her projects and favorite things.

InStyle: Hi Quincy! We are so excited to hang out with you. Tell us your story. How did you and your mom meet?

Quincy: Hi InStyle, thank you so much for having me! The moment I was held by my mom and saw the way she looked at me, I knew it was a done deal. I fit in one hand, only one pound. She never put me back down, and that was it!

IS: You are totally foxy! How did you get your cute look? What is your breed?

Quincy: I say my mom had an affair with a fox but my dad was no doubt also a Pomeranian. I was the runt, thats why I’m so small, but I’m convinced I have traces of Chihuahua as well!

IS: Aside from being adorable, you have over 22k followers on Instagram. Where did this rise to fame come from?

Quincy: I have a photographer mom! She is my perfect intern.

IS: And how do relax when you live such a busy life as an Instagram influencer?

Quincy: Oh, I do a whoooole lot of relaxing. Between my mom, our roommate, and my family at The Dog Agency, they take care of everything that needs to be done! I am so grateful for them. ­­But man, if I could only send emails ... and pick up my own soy lattes.

IS: Any new projects in the works?

Quincy: Yes! We are working on my reality TV series on YouTube, which is coming soon!

IS: You are quite fashionable. What are some of your fav doggie brands to shop from? And more importantly, your favorite outfit?

Quincy: I'm a big fan of my round Harry Potter glasses. And of course my black spiked collar that Lazy Bonezz sent me! I love my stay­-at­-home­-do­-nothing clothes the best: hoodies, donut pajamas, and my pink robe.

IS: You always seem to be traveling everywhere. Where are some of your favorite places to hit in N.Y.C.?

Quincy: I have spent a lot of time in Tompkins Square Park. Also I hang out at lots of yummy pet friendly restaurants—Veselka is one of our favs!

IS: Thanks for chatting with us, cutie!

Quincy: Thank YOU so much for having me, InStyle!!

To see more of Quincy's adventures, check out her Instagram @quincyfox.