This Insta-Famous Dog Has the Best Summer Tips

Welcome to "Interview with an InstaPet," where we chat with a different pet on the glitz and glam of being Internet famous. From dapper dogs to pampered cats, we'll get all the good dirt on the life of the rich and famous in Pawllywood.

Photo: muppetsrevenge/instagram

We've already met the super-famous @ToastMeetsWorld, and the up-and-comer, @Underpantsthedog, but now it's time to meet the third puppy-mill rescue pup of blogger Katie Sturino, the hilarious and self-deprecating @muppetsrevenge.

While Toast gets a ton of media attention for her glamorous lifestyle, Muppet is quietly growing her following on the side, posting hilarious-yet-spiteful 'grams about her younger sister with the perfect amount of sass and sarcasm. And she's gained quite the reputation for her partying ways and for chasing boys.

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We had a very honest conversation with the underdog to get her best tips for taking on summer in N.Y.C.

InStyle: Hi Muppet! So excited to finally chat with you. You describe yourself as the “Jan Brady of dogs.” What is it like living in your sister’s shadow?

Muppet: Living in Toast's shadow is a constant battle for attention. I literally have to bark my head off just to get someone to pet me or ask for my picture. Not to mention, I'm the oldest and Toast even got married before me (what a b)! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!

IS:And we’ve got to ask—how did you get the name Muppet?

Muppet: In British slang, a "muppet" is defined as an incompetent or foolish person—need I say more?

IS: You’re known as a bit of a party chick. What is your favorite cocktail in the summertime?

Muppet: THANK YOU!! I'm so happy that my reputation precedes me. I'm all about rosé aka "Summer Water". I bark at my bowl until it's brimming with those delicious pink bubbles. Frosé is totally acceptable, too.

IS: And your favorite hangover remedy?

Muppet: I've truly mastered the art of the hangover remedy, as I've had plenty of experience. First, I wake up in the morning parched as hell, chug a huge water (bottled only), and then head out for an egg and cheese on an everything bagel (no meat because I'm a vegetarian, duh). Next, I crack open another bottle of rosé because "hair of the dog" is a legit thing.

IS: You’re also known for being a real flirt. What are some of your favorite summer dating tips? Where do you like to meet the cute boys?

Muppet: I only have one summer dating tip and that's INTERNS!!! They're hot AF, young AF, and totally easy to get with because most of them are still frat bros. I usually hang around finance bars like Dorian's and PJ Clarke's to stalk guys out. One time, I even managed to sneak onto the Goldman Sachs Ferry!

IS: Favorite summer date ideas?

Muppet: Anything that involves a boy that will actually talk to me!

IS: You and your sisters are always spotted all over the city. Where are some of your favorite spots to hit up in NYC in the summertime?

Muppet: Wait, you actually saw me? I'm constantly sipping iced coffees at The High Line Hotel, eating avocado toast at abcV, licking Toast's leftovers at Gelato Giusto, and walking through the streets of West Chelsea.

For more of Muppet's adventures, follow her on Instagram @muppetsrevenge!

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