The Internet Is Divided Over the Color of This Dresser

Photo: Dmitry Ageev/Blend Images/Getty Images

For what feels the billionth time since “The Dress” broke the Internet back in 2015 (black and blue or white and gold?), the web is in uproar over the color of a household object.

Earlier this week, Reddit user agamiegamer submitted a photo of a cluttered dresser, begging the question, “What Color Do You See: Pink & White or Blue & Gray?” which refers to the color of the drawers and the trim, respectively.

Dresser Color Mystery - Embed

Naturally, Reddit users were eager to share their opinions, which ranged from tame votes for either color scheme to outright conspiracy theories:

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One user claimed that the colors change whether you’re sitting or standing:

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After awkwardly standing up at my desk and sitting back down (I’m not having an episode, co-workers!), I can tell you this was not the case for me.

While I can confidently say the dresser is blue and gray, the InStyle office stood (or sat) divided on the matter.

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This dresser needs answers, people!

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