These Sturdy Tote Bags Are So Great, My Friends and I Keep Gifting Them to Each Other

A tote bag with wheels?!

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These Sturdy Tote Bags Are So Great, My Friends and I Keep Gifting Them to Each Other
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Last summer, the Hulken rolling tote bag arrived at my doorstep. It was an unexpected gift from the brand — a pleasant perk of being a shopping writer. A week later, when I headed to my aunt's house in Connecticut (an hour-long train ride away) with no duffle or weekender bag in sight, I reached for my silver, medium-size Hulken.

I am a believer in organized chaos, so I bundled up my clothing, electronics, toiletries, etc., threw them in the bag, and off I went. On my way to Grand Central, I both carried the Hulken as a tote and also rolled it. When I approached my aunt at the train station with the bag trailing behind me, she was immediately transfixed.

During my stay, we talked about it at least three times, which is when I decided I would gift her one, thereby starting a long gifting chain. I gave my aunt the large pink Hulken, and she then gifted some to a few of her friends. I also gave one to my sister, who then gifted the bag to a couple of her new mom friends, and later, a friend who uses it to roll her laundry to and from the laundromat.

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The universal appeal of the Hulken can be distilled into three key features. First, the wheels and arm straps: You can wear it on your shoulder but the wheels offer the luxury of taking some weight off your back. The bags are big and boxy but they collapse until they're essentially flat, so it's easy to store in even the smallest spaces. Its durability is also a huge factor; according to the brand, the straps are unbreakable, and in my experience, the fabric —a tarp-like material that can carry up to 66 pounds — is hard to tear through as well. . In the 10 months I've had the bag, there has been nothing it couldn't handle.

I use my Hulken primarily for groceries and weekend trips, my sister uses hers for laundry and neighborhood errands, some friends use it to schlep their stuff onto the ferry to Nantucket, and my aunt uses it for anything and everything. Regardless of the size of your living space or your specific needs, the Hulken will serve you well. My only qualm is its open nature, which is not always suitable for certain environments or weather situations, however, Hulken makes tote toppers that effectively close it off and turn the bag into a six-sided cube. It is slightly annoying that it is an added expense to a relatively expensive tote, but as I see it, both the Hulken bag and its topper are equally worthwhile investments.

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