By Lindsay Dolak
Jun 02, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
Courtesy IMVIO

Summer is upon us and with it comes an upswing in sunny weekends packed with Insta-worthy moments. But if you work hard year-round to maintain a well-curated Instagram feed, you already know that it can require a bit of elbow (er, thumb) grease, mainly in the form of filters and photo editing apps. And, once you’ve exhausted all the classic filters, where do you go from there? Enter the IMVIO iPhone Lens Kit ($40, your new most coveted summer accessory.

Courtesy IMVIO

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The kit, which comes in four colors and is available for all iPhone 5 and 6 models, includes a phone case and two small detachable circular lenses. The lenses are super compact and easily transportable, so whether your summer schedule includes a massive music festival, a hiking extravaganza, or a rowdy brunch down the block, you can take them anywhere.

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One lens shoots wide-angle, which is perfect for outdoor concerts and the view from your beach chair.

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The other adds a fish-eye effect, great for dynamic rooftop group shots and close ups of your pup playing in the pool. And both are easily attached to your phone by simply screwing them into the case over the phone’s camera. Voilà! Suddenly you’re racking up the likes with a Shay Mitchell-quality Instagram feed.