This Interior Design Service Will Solve All of Your Decorating Woes

Photo: Courtesy of TwelveHome

Even those of us who are passionate about interior design struggle with decorating. For starters, it's expensive, time-consuming, and often feels incredibly overwhelming—especially without the luxury of hired professional help. The newly launched direct-to-consumer brand twelvehome aims to turn that perception on its head with a selection of pre-designed rooms that can be replicated and purchased for considerably less than most high-end home goods stores (prices start at $1,749 for full rooms and $89 for individual items).

Courtesy of TwelveHome

Founded by New York interior design duo Christi Rogers and Paige Kramer, twelvehome offers furniture, lighting, rugs, and wall art in rich, sumptuous palettes and geometric prints along with specialty items, like made-to-order rugs handwoven and Nepal and limited-edition prints from emerging artists. (If you're unsure about a color, they'll ship swatches to peruse, free of charge.) Each item, or bundle of items, is available online—the room schemes function like a Pinterest board that you can pick and choose from, or just say, "I want everything." Fast-forward two weeks and and poof, there it is.

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