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Rachel Zoe's Closet
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Besides the Hermès bags and Louboutin heels, recreating the gorgeous closets belonging to Rachel Zoe, Mandy Moore, and Emma Roberts is actually pretty simple and affordable. A little breathing room and a few organization pieces are all you need to get the look, according to their creators, The Home Edit founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin.

To celebrate the launch of their new book, the celeb-loved professional organizers and authors of The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals shared their best organization tips along with the products they’ve used in every celebrity closet makeover, and it all starts with the right hanger.

Uniform hangers are the most important thing that we put into every closet,” Joanna tells InStyle. The duo, who have created organized spaces for the Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more A-listers, also use baskets and bins, acrylic drawers, stackable shoe boxes, and clutch dividers to transform overflowing closets into Instagram-worthy spaces.

Black Huggable Hangers
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After taking everything out and sorting it, the pair set the tone for a clean space with sleek, matching hangers throughout the entire closet followed by a series of matching baskets. “You need some form of a basket storage in the closet even if you have built in drawers,” Joanna says. “Drawers in a closet are usually made for more like dresser items like socks, underwear, and bras.” The organizers opt for baskets for storing off-season items (think scarves and jackets).

Woven Storage Bins
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The pair will also incorporate clear bins, drawers, and see-through storage pieces like acrylic drawers, but only for collections of similar items or pieces that fold nicely—otherwise it tends to look messy. “We prefer an opaque basket, but we will use acrylic stacking drawers when appropriate and we’ll use clear stackable shoe boxes as well,” Clea says.

Clear Stackable Shirt & Accessory Drawer
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Clear Shoe Boxes
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The organizers also love to neatly display bags and clutches with clear magazine dividers or mail sorters, a clever trick they thought up years ago that has now gone mainstream and can even be found in Mandy Moore’s stunning space. “That was our first big hack, and a lot of people have taken [that] and ran with that now,” Clea says. “Even The Container Store developed their own product because that acrylic division ended up working so well.”

Clear Magazine Dividers
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Beyond investing in the right pieces (and their new book), the experts recommend sticking to their 80 percent full guideline, which you’ll see applied throughout the spaces belonging to their celebrity clients. “It’s not good for you and it’s not good for your home to be at 100 percent max capacity,” Clea says. “If you really stuff your house to max capacity, sure you’re physically fitting it all, but does it feel good?”

The Home Edit Book
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It’s better to be somewhere around 80 percent full, which gives you some breathing room as well as the ability to buy new things as you see fit. “It respects your space,” Clea says.

And if the idea of tackling your overflowing closet stresses you out, start with an easier project like a junk drawer. “You’ll feel so much pride and satisfaction every time you look at it, and it will inspire you to keep going and take on bigger spaces and bigger projects,” Clea says. Before you know it, you’ll be tackling your denim collection or pile of shoes just like the pros.