Shiplap Lead
Credit: John Gruen

If you've perused home decor ideas on Pinterest lately, you may have noticed the word "shiplap" popping up on boards and in comments. The trend is considered both a technique and material: slats of pine wood laid tightly together to create a rustic, barn aesthetic. The simple method has the ability to turn a bedroom into a pastoral escape, or a summer home into the cozy cottage of our dreams.

Pinterest reports experiencing a 321-percent increase in shiplap ideas for all areas of the home, including staircases, kitchens, and bathrooms. We love how it looks brushed with a coat of tranquil seafoam green, like in the kitchen above designed by Rafe Churchill, or a clean white, like in the bathroom below, designed by Sophie Metz and featured on Home Bunch.

Shiplap Embed
Credit: Nantucket Architectural Photography and Sam Oberter

The look is timeless and adds an elegant, subtle texture to any space. We're definitely adding shiplap to our list of summer projects.