Rebecca Taylor's Office - Lead
Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor/Homepolish

If you pop into any of Rebecca Taylor's ultra-feminine boutiques, where fresh floral prints, sleek white accents, and whimsical artwork line the walls, you'll quickly get a sense of her personal style. So when it came time for Taylor to redecorate her office in the company's Midtown New York showroom, she wanted to mimic those same relaxed, feminine vibes.

"When my team and I moved into this space, I started to decorate but never got around to finishing, so although it had elements that reflected my personal style, it was not complete," says Taylor. "Now, my office feels very much in line with my aesthetic--it feels complete." To reach this end goal, Taylor teamed up with Homepolish, an interior design service that pairs clients with decorators based on their personal taste and budget.

"Erin Ryder, our director of brand visuals, worked closely with my Homepolish interior designer Tali Roth to ensure this was perfect and the outcome was beautiful," says Taylor. "One of my favorite features in the room is the 3-D painted geometric floors. I can more readily imagine new ideas when everything around me is inspiring."

Scroll down to peek inside the chic workspace and steal Taylor's tips for crafting a beautiful yet functional office. Trust us, it'll make you actually want to clock some overtime.

Keep Your Desk Fresh with Flowers

Rebecca Taylor's Office - Embed 1
Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor/Homepolish

"I always have flowers from GRDN on Hoyt Street in Brooklyn (they do the best arrangements) on top of my new white laminate Blu Dot desk. It’s so spacious! I’ve decided large desks are a perfect way to keep organized."

Choose Personal Wall Decor

Rebecca Taylor's Office - Embed 2
Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor/Homepolish

"I love my husband [Wayne Pate]’s artwork and decided it would look great on my inspiration wall. Also, I just got some new fabrics in for our upcoming Spring collection that I'm loving. I'm always pinning up new fabrics and taking down old ones to get a sense of textures and color stories for my future collections."

Mix High-End with Low-End

Rebecca Taylor's Office - Embed 3
Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor/Homepolish

"I tend to purchase practical and functional pieces when it comes to interior decor. I love the idea of pairing beautiful, unique wallpaper with simple white Ikea shelves and rock crystal from Astro Gallery of Gems. They integrate perfectly with the space and it's a compact way to keep my books organized."

Combine Various Prints

Rebecca Taylor's Office - Embed 5
Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor/Homepolish

"I absolutely love the Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper. As you might have noticed. I have a deep obsession for florals, but what I love about this design is how the floral is grounded with the black backdrop. It’s exactly what I envisioned. The floral pillows we upholstered in Liberty fabric and you can shop the Rebecca Atwood tie-dye pillows on Spring. The George Smith toile-printed sofa isn't new; I bought when we first moved into this space."