Check Out the Best Blush Pink Paints for a Zen Space

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Pink Paint - Lead 2016
Photo: Getty

Blush pink is hot. Everywhere you look from fashion to interior design, brands, bloggers, and makers have fully embraced this soft hue because it's calming, flattering, and just downright pretty, and its momentum doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. And while we would take a petal pink coat or handbag any day, we especially love when people take this arguably daring hue to their walls. As with any paint color, the range of light pink can be vast and if you don’t sample your colors properly, your choice can easily resemble a stick of bubblegum more than a blushing peony once you’ve committed them to your walls.

If you are considering this trendy route, we’ve got some fail-proof picks straight from the pros.

Pink Paint Light Quartz - Embed 2016

For decorator Greg Natale, it’s all about Benjamin Moore’s Light Quartz. This super subtle pink can make even a cluttered room feel somewhat zen. (Benjamin Moore's Light Quartz, from $38/gallon;

Pink Paint Dustiest Blush - Embed 2016

“I like the pink I did for Fine Paints of Europe called Nymph, and I also love Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground,” says N.Y.C. color pro Eve Ashcraft. Both of these super soft hues are ultra easy on the eyes. (Farrow and Ball's Pink Ground, $99/gallon;

Pink Paint Soft and tactile - Embed 2016

“Peignoir came about because I wanted to create a color that proved that pink wasn’t just for girls,” explains Farrow and Ball’s in-house color consultant Joa Studholme. “It’s not really pinky pink—it’s incredibly intriguing and you can’t quite work out whether it’s really pink or a bit lighter, and it changes greatly in different light conditions, which makes it really magical." (Farrow and Ball's Peignoir, $99/gallon;

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