By Sydney Mondry
Updated Jun 21, 2016 @ 8:00 am
Peony Arrangements - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.

Peonies are without a doubt one of the most gorgeous by-products of the summer season. The blooms come in subtle pinks and vibrant hues like magenta and coral, and can grow to be 10 inches high. "Peonies are best displayed in two ways," says Eric Buterbaugh, florist to the stars and chief floral designer of The Bouqs Co. "For a full bouquet, select a tall vase to allow room for the height of the stems. When you have fewer stems, use smaller bud vases and sprinkle them around your home." Check out some of Buterbaugh's stunning designs below, along with a few tips for getting the most mileage out of your peonies.

Burgundy Peonies and Café Au Lait Dahlias

Peony Arrangements - Embed 1
Credit: Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.

For a rich, rosy look, Buterbaugh combines burgundy peonies and café au lait dahlias in a short, glass vase. "Based on the height of your vase, remember to remove all of the leaves on the stem which will be underwater," he says. "Submerged leaves promote bacteria growth, making them rot, which will shorten the life of the flower." Buterbaugh also advises filling the vase with room temperature water, which will encourage the blooms to open at a faster rate.

​Peonies in Burgundy, White, Pink, and Red

Peony Arrangements - Embed 2
Credit: Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.

Combine a few of your favorite peony colors into one bouquet for a vibrant yet simple arrangement. "Trim at least an inch off the bottom of each stem to help ensure proper water intake, and cut the stem at an angle to help the peonies absorb water and keep the flower hydrated," advises Buterbaugh, adding, "be sure to keep them away from windy, drafty areas and away from direct sunlight to avoid harming the delicate petals."

Quicksand Roses, White Peonies, and Hellebores

Peony Arrangements - Embed 3
Credit: Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.

A bowl-like vase filled with quicksand roses, white peonies, and green hellebores makes for a gorgeous table arrangement. "Since peonies drink a lot of water, you will want to keep an eye on the water levels. Be sure to replace the water every two to three days," suggests Buterbaugh. "If you trim another half-inch off of the bottom of the stem each time you replace the water, the peonies will last even longer."