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As bonafide interior designers, Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent have strong—and good!—opinions when it comes to decorating a space, having spent innumerable hours analyzing every detail from paint colors, to molding choices, to tile patterns. And while each run their own independent design firm, these two probably spend more time together than the average couple does: They live together, work in the same field, and co-star in a TV special Nate and Jeremiah By Design (on TLC). So one would assume that for a couple to be successful professionally and personally as they are, all things must be copacetic in the Berkus-Brent household, right? Yes, for the most part, but there is one thing that simply do not see eye to eye on: the length of their drapes.

“Jeremiah and I have a fight about this all the time,” revealed Berkus, when catching up with him at the Shade Store’s flagship store opening in N.Y.C. this week, which he was there to play host, as well as showcase his new line. ”Jeremiah likes a big Belgian puddle, which is informal, but long,” he explains. “I like a tailored, like really tailored look, and I like mixing a roller shade with drapery panels because I like that layered feeling,” he says.

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“The reason that I like a roller shade and drapery panel combo is that, it makes me certifiably insane, as a triple Virgo to watch people’s fingers on my drapery,” he reveals. “And I hate walking into a room and having to readjust them all the time.”

So it looks good, and is low maintenance?

Sorry Jeremiah, we’re going to have to give this one to Nate.