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Credit: khloekardashian/instagram

Khloé Kardashian has definitely earned the rep of being the most organized Kardashian. I mean, she even has a system for keeping her baking ingredients in place in her kitchen cabinets. Naturally, her bedroom closets are just as tidy. On the Kardashian's app and website, she shared photos of her organized clothes, and everything has it's own place—even down to her belts. It's definitely impressive, and we're feeling extra lucky because Kardashian revealed exactly how she keeps everything in order.

"Drawer organizers are a lifesaver," Kardashian explains on her website. "I had these ones built in, but you can buy dividers at The Container Store, too."

Credit: Courtesy KhloeKardashian.com

The Container Store sells Slotted Interlocking Drawer Organizers that are only six bucks. So you can recreate Kardashian's custom drawers for a fraction of the price. Oh, and there's more good news: You can measure your each section and adjust the length of the affordable slots for your individual needs. All you have to do is snap off the excess ends. And voilà: organization goals accomplished.

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