By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Mar 23, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: Courtesy Waterworks

If you’re a fashion fiend who believes that your home decor is an extension of your personal style, then you need to meet Isla, the latest line of bathroom fixtures from Waterworks that are designed by N.Y.C. jeweler and sculptor Jill Platner. With “gooseneck” faucets and chunky handles that echo the faceted and ridged surfaces found in rocks and minerals in nature, the collection is full of sloping curves and softened angles a departure from the modern, clean-lined pieces for which Waterworks is well known.

Credit: GENTL AND HYERS ©2015

As beautiful as it is, the coolest thing about the collection just may be how satisfying the solid brass and nickel handles feel in your grip. "All of my jewelry and sculpture is intentionally very tactile and interactive,” says Platner. “I carved the handles with this same intention and wanted them to feel amazing in your hands and beg to be touched."

Credit: Genevieve Garruppo

And when Platner says she carved the pieces, she means it literally. The making of the collection took two years to complete and each item started off as a wax sculpture, which Platner made by hand. These prototypes were then 3D-scanned, reprinted in plastic and used to create molds to cast the final shapes. The photo above shows an array of prototypes in its final stages.

Platner also made sure to include some personal touches of her own. The “on” and “off” engravings on the water valve handles for the shower are handwritten by the designer herself (starting at $925;

Credit: Courtesy

For those of you who are itching to accessorize your home with pieces from the collection but aren't ready to undergo a full bathroom renovation, you can bring in a bit of Platner’s artistic charm by starting with the more moderately priced drawer knobs and wall hooks, which truthfully can live anywhere in your abode, from the entryway to the bedroom. Both are available for purchase on the site in May.