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Jan 15, 2017 @ 5:45 pm

Can’t make it through the work day without a couple cups of joe? Well, then it might be time to update your office interiors. Studies show that well designed offices make for happier, more productive employees. Coworking space Industrious got the memo and enlisted Laurel & Wolf to help make over their downtown LA offices.

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“We believe that people should be excited and proud to come to the place they work, and that that surge of good feelings will translate into their daily work,” says Industrious National Launcher Leah Alexander.

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At one time or another, Industrious has been home to employees from big companies like Hyatt, Spotify, and Lyft, to creative agencies, law firms, and tech startups across its 12 national locations. And in order to make everyone from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies feel comfortable, the company opts for an inclusive approach. “We wanted the offices to be aspirational and professional: something anyone from an accountant to a social media director could be excited about and see themselves in,” says Leah.

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

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Starting with two private offices inside their 84-unit LA location, Laurel & Wolf and Industrious worked together to show companies how their environment can play a key role in their bottom line. “We pride ourselves on allowing our members to have creative freedom over their individual offices so that they can properly express their brand’s identity,” says Leah. Unfortunately, some of them don’t have the time or vision to effectively make their mark.

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

That’s where Laurel & Wolf designer Ashley Bussell came in, designing two blank slates with the same desks and Herman Miller chairs into totally different styles. In the first look, she went with a touch of Cali boho consisting of natural materials like wood, wicker, and ceramic. “I thought an airy design would open up the space really nicely, and the dark natural fiber rug will be durable for high traffic areas,” says Ashley.

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf (2)

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In the second private office, Ashley chose a more industrial-eclectic design. “I included materials like brass, leather, and cement in the desk accessories and textiles to warm up the space and provide a comfortable work area,” she says.

Dustin Walker Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

Industrious plans to open 15 more coworking spaces across the country in 2017. And we don’t know about you, but we’re definitely going to start bugging our boss to move into one now!

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