By Joanna Bober
Updated Mar 23, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Novogratz Family
Credit: Catherine Hall

“This is just another chapter in the book—this is our L.A. story,” explains home decorator and father of seven, Robert Novogratz in a new renovation series on called The Castle Next Door—The Novogratz Family Takes Hollywood. Binge watch all 10 episodes and see him get to work with his wife Cortney and their brood of ultra-creative kids to transform a 1920s-era castle in the Hollywood Hills.

Novogratz Replacement
Credit: Courtesy

Garden dig-a-thons and excursions to L.A.’s hippest purveyors of lounge furniture give this previously New York City-based family a taste of the Left Coast and all that it has to offer. And at the very least, viewers may find themselves tempted to repaint their master bedrooms and replant their flower beds for spring.