By Sydney Mondry
Updated Jul 28, 2016 @ 6:30 am
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What better way to celebrate the Summer Olympics than by gathering your fellow Team U.S.A. supporters for a weekend viewing party? All you need is a themed snack, a bit of festive decor, and a healthy competitive spirit. Read on below for our top tips on feting this year's games, which will begin August 5.

1. Give Guests an Instagrammable Treat

Credit: Coco Cake Land

We love a simple DIY, like these cupcakes decorated with the Olympic rings from blogger Coco Cake Land. All you'll need is white fondant, a rolling pin, round biscuit cutter, food dye, and large and small piping tips to achieve the ring shape. To begin, split the white fondant into two halves, rolling out one half and cutting it into circles using the biscuit cutter. Next, split the other half into five sections and dye each one to match the color of the rings. Roll them out individually and use the piping tip to cut small circles. Use a slightly smaller piping tip to create rings. Apply to homemade or store-bought cupcakes et voilà—Instagram gold. If you're short on time, you can order equally impressive Olympic cupcakes online ($35;

2. Set the Mood

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Blue and white decor, with touches of red, will keep your get-together festive yet elevated. Display your themed cupcakes on a chic cake stand ($60;, pour champagne into cute paper cups ($6 for set of 8;, and place a spread of crudite or chips and dip atop a printed tablecloth ($128;

3. Pick the Perfect Time

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Before sending out invites, be sure to consult the broadcasting schedule. If you're a gymnastics fan, you might consider inviting guests over for an afternoon viewing session Sunday, August 14. It's never too early to make a champagne toast to your favorite team!