By Leigh Gotzmer
Updated Sep 14, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Bespoke Invitations Lead
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Love letterpress but fear the price tag? Bell'INVITO is solving that problem.

The luxury stationery brand, which launched in 2004 under fashion art director Heather Wiese, is taking the dreaded wait time and painful pricing out of the custom printing equation with its revamped and better-than-ever Digital Bespoke program. The online tool lets you be the lead designer and yeilds couture-looking printing, cheaper and faster. You can digitally lay out and design your invites from the comfort of your very own laptop—choosing fonts, paper, and colors, then letting the company's printers do the rest. The best part? It ships in less than two weeks.

Bespoke Invitations Embed
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Designing them sounds tricky, but it is pretty intuitive and can be done with stationery, calling cards, menus, coasters, and more, which makes the process useful way beyond your wedding. For invites, you first choose your card style from dozens of options—black, cream, colorful border, rectangle-shaped, or scalloped. Next, you choose your suite pieces, adding response cards or insert cards at your leisure. Then comes the fun part—personalization. Pick fonts (28 new ones!), write text, choose foil, engraved, or letterpress and pick a monogram if you'd like. There's even a selection of envelope liners in 50-plus poppy prints.

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