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Happy National Brownie Day! Stock Up on These Gourmet Mixes Now

If you’re like us, you don’t need a made up holiday to remind you that you’re a lover of all things chocolatey. But you’re also not going to ignore a special occasion like National Brownie Day when it creeps up on you today. Here we’ve round up some of our favorite gourmet mixes that are worth whipping up for any event, all year long. Whether you’re the kind of gal who practices a gluten-free diet, loves combining cocoa with other flavors like peppermint and pumpkin, or are a chocolate purist, we found the perfect mix for you. Check 'em out below.

How to Throw a Chic Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us, which means many people will be hosting family and friends. Spending time with loved ones is a highlight of the holiday season. After all, who doesn't enjoy eating delicious food, imbibing some spirits and, of course, reminiscing about the past. The responsibility of preparing for a house full of people can be stressful though. Before the guests arrive, it's important to plan ahead so we've put together some of the best tips to make entertaining easy.

10 Things to Talk About at Thanksgiving—Other Than Politics

It's almost the holiday season, which means many people will be spending more time with family. It's a great thing, really: Seeing your loved ones, eating amazing food (seriously this turkey recipe has us drooling), and spending time together are all things to look forward to. But family reunions also have a way of trudging up touchy conversations you've been avoiding since last winter. Don't get us wrong: We're all for healthy debate, and there are ways to confront difficult or divisive issues without merely changing the topic (let's be honest, sometimes you should tough it out and have those discussions). But some convos just don't pair well with marshmallow yams. If you know certain topics open up Pandora's box with your family (Politics! Bad family news! That boyfriend everyone hates!), you may want to prep in advance to skillfully dodge them and keep the holiday cheer alive. Allow us to recommend some other things you and your fam can chat about over pumpkin pie and wine. Shall we?

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Ayesha Curry's Complete Guide to Hosting a Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether or not you're a Warriors fan, you probably wouldn't mind being adopted by the Currys. After all, NBA star Stephen Curry, his model/chef wife Ayesha, and their two adorable daughters, Riley and Ryan, are the epitome of a happy family—not to mention one that eats like kings, thanks to their matriarch's unrivaled skills in the kitchen. With Thanksgiving looming like a wild turkey hobbling around in the woods, we asked Curry for the tried-and-true recipes that her family loves. Her eclectic menu features flavors influenced by her Jamaican and southern roots (think: jerk turkey, pork chops, cornbread, and bananas foster), sure to please palates jaded by the same old traditional fare. "I love being surrounded by loved ones while we make the house smell incredible," she says. Here, Curry's favorite out-of-the-box Thanksgiving dishes.