Credit: Courtesy of FUNBOY

Just as every summer bestows upon us a song and a cocktail, so too must it bring a trendy pool float ripe for Instagramming. This summer, we have Donald Robertson to thank for the latter. The quirky pop artist, better known by his social media handle @drawbertson, has teamed up with the California-based brand FUNBOY on a new inflatable in the form of a five-foot-long, three-foot-high multi-colored mermaid poised to take on the swan of yore.

Credit: Courtesy

Funboy x Donald Robertson Mermaid Float, $128;

"I have a thing for women in my art and mermaids in particular," Robertson exclusively tells "I was trying to bring my 2D artist into a 3D reality." In addition to the mermaid float, Robertson also designed a mermaid tail bobber ($69; in two colors, meant to bob up and down in the water like a dancing mermaid. "You can literally have a synchronized pool of floating mermaid tails for your own personal outdoor exhibit," he says.

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