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I am a napper. The type of napper that will take a 30-minute nap, wake up for two hours, and then go down for another. Needless to say, I know a thing or two about good bedding. It's an essential for any sleep-lover. When I learned about Snowe, an online home site that aims to bridge the gap between those itchy sheets you had in college and the ones you're going to invest in when you're 60, I felt as though the napping Gods had brought me a gift. The goal of Snowe: to democratize the highest quality products without sacrificing style.

Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak, an exceptionally cool and attractive young couple living in New York City, came up with the idea for Snowe when they saw a gap in the market place: they wanted to be able to easily throw together dinner parties, have guests over at ease, and also be able to, simply, live among chic things you aren't afraid to actually use. Basically, they want you to be best friends with your home.

Their latest product? A new collection of bedding made from a brand new material, Softexture, that combines that easy breezy look you want your bedroom to have with a level of sophistication you've only seen in your parents' master suites.

We sat down with Cohen and Modak to talk all things home decor in celebration of Softexture to talk about getting to know their customers, their new collection, and how to create the perfect, stress-free living space.

Tell us a little bit about what makes these sheets different from your originals?

Softexture is an innovative, new treatment of 100% Egyptian cotton. We worked closely with our Italian mill to wash this extra-long staple cotton in a way that yields a super soft, textured appearance. This process adds an effortlessly chic look to the top of your bed (looks great wrinkled, low maintenance) but can also be combined with crisp percale or supple sateen for a unique casual-luxe look that you can’t find elsewhere. This line has a lighter, looser weave that makes it the ideal summer 'top of bed’ addition.

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You did a lot of customer testing before launching the new collection. Tell us a little bit about that process?

During our customer interviews and testing, we learned that they wanted options that were extremely low maintenance (no ironing needed), that looked casual and elevated, and that could be used year round.

We also wanted to give our customers ways to layer texture with color to bring depth and personality to their bedrooms. Our Softexture duvet, shams and coverlets go extremely well on top of even the most crisp, smooth sheets. Being able to mix and match tones and textures makes creating a sophisticated yet approachable bed incredibly simple.

Let’s talk color palette. Are you always going to stick to the neutrals?

Our focus now has been to build the perfect foundation for our customers’ homes. We believe that while novelty/fashion, pattern and pops of color can be important design elements, there is nothing like having that perfect blank canvas to paint your style on. They are also timeless: think that pair of designer jeans that you wear every day or that perfect crisp white shirt that goes with everything. That said, there are opportunities to create layers for our customers to play and design with that are not just neutrals.

What’s it like working and living in the same place?

Our commute is among the shortest out there! Our studio living space is connected to The Whitespace, so we can always retreat and have some separation from the main part of the showroom/office; which is very important after a long day. However, at the same time, it’s meant to be our home. We designed it to be that way. Part of our team works here every day, and we keep things informal. When customers visit, they experience a showroom but also a collaborative workspace, where things are usually humming. Overall, it is incredibly efficient and we take great pride in the multifunctional space we’ve created.

What pieces make your home space feel less stressful?

Our bedroom and bathroom always need to feel like a sanctuary. We work late hours and are constantly on the move. But honestly, slipping into a bed made with our crisp, white Snowe sheets every night never gets old. Personally, we love Percale in the summer and sometimes, Sateen in the winter. We usually keep a fully white bed as it makes things feel the most tranquil. There’s also nothing like wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel and stepping onto a soft bathmat after a shower and then wrapping yourself in a monumentally plush robe. Our bath linens make you feel like you’re pampering yourself, even if you’re in a rush! These little details in our home help us relish the little moments in the everyday.