Casper Dog - Lead
Credit: Courtesy Casper

Picking out a new mattress is a thoughtful, personal process. You wouldn’t just buy the first one you saw in the store or online, right? So why shouldn’t you take a similarly serious approach when finding a new sleeper for Fido?

Casper, a global sleep company known for its one perfect mattress delivered in a small Mary-Poppins-esque box, is now making a mattress for dogs. “The sleep surface is designed with a loose fabric top that enables digging and den­building behavior, and its foam bolsters provide a secure, comforting sleep space in addition to a place for pups to rest their heads. The machine washable cover is thoughtfully engineered with durable fabrics that shed fur and withstand any bites or scratches,” reads the press release.

Casper Dog - Embed
Credit: Courtesy Casper

Jeff Chapin, Casper co­founder and Chief Product Officer, says, “We even worked with a dog psychologist to learn more about canine behavior and used scanning electron microscopy to understand the interaction of different dog furs with different textiles.”

OK, we’re sold.

The mattress, which is made with a combination of pressure­relieving memory foam and durable support foam, comes in three colors (grey, blue, and taupe) and three sizes; the price ranges from $125 to $225, and can be purchased on Casper’s website.