Brooklinen's sheets changed my life.

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Brooklinen Sheets - Lead

The first time I tried Brooklinen sheets, I was actually angry with myself for not buying them sooner.

My first set was the “Classic Percale,” which are luxury “hotel style” cotton sheets. They’re incredibly soft, like you’re sleeping on air. During the summer months I sleep on the linen ones, which are 100 percent linen and stonewashed for a super-soft feel. I love wearing linen clothing, but was iffy about having sheets made from it, worried they would feel rough. Boy, was I wrong.

The sheets range in price from $99 to $249, and let me tell you — when you're laying on them, you feel incredibly luxurious and fancy as f**k. I also felt like an adult. I'm in my 30s, and it’s about time I had quality sheets.

When I’m obsessed with something I really go all in, and my household has gone full Brooklinen (and no, this isn't #sponsored). In addition to sheets, I also use the brand’s towels, pillows, comforter, wool blankets, candles, hammam towels for the beach, even the bathrobe. I’ve got my eyes on the newly-launched linen robe, too.

I'm not the only one who's obsessed. Since founders Rich and Vicki Fulop raised money on Kickstarter for the line in 2014, the direct-to-consumer industry has blown up — and so has Brooklinen's popularity.

Below, shop my very favorite Brooklinen pieces (basically everything).

Brooklinen Sheets
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Classic Core Sheet Set, $99;

Brooklinen Towels
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Linen Core Sheet Set, $249;

Brooklinen Robe
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Linen Robe, $148;

Brooklinen Towels
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Super Plush Bath Sheet, $75;

Brooklinen Turkish Towel
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Turkish Bath Towel, $65;

Brooklinen Pillow
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Down Pillow, $69;

Brooklinen Candles
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Scented Candle, $35;