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Wifi Camera
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Wifi-enabled cameras can do a lot of things. Their ability to save footage to the cloud and stream it to your smartphone lets them serve as impromptu baby monitors, allows you to spy on your dog while you’re stuck at a desk, and even offers your home a shade of security.

And while some models offer reasonable image resolution, an outdoor-friendly build that’s designed to stand up the elements, and built-in batteries that free you from the tyranny of cords, only one model offers all three of these features: the Netgear Arlo Pro. Its tiny camera modules can be placed nearly everywhere indoor or out, and it even features a speaker so you can “talk” directly to visitors or pets via a corresponding app. And in case you do see a bad guy trying his luck and don’t feel like using diplomacy, this baby lets you fight back: Press a button in the app, and the Arlo Pro lets out a shrill 100-decibel siren that will send robbers running for the hills.

BUY: Netgear Arlo Pro, $185; bestbuy.com

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And did we mention it has built-in rechargeable batteries? They last for months between fill-ups—a trick we wish our smartphones would learn.

Wins for: Compact size, seemingly endless battery life, outdoor-proof design

Noteworthy features:

  • Built-in alarm to scare trespassers
  • Modular design that lets you easily add more cameras
  • Built-in batteries free you from cords

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