Best TV of the Future: Samsung QLED TV

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Though people don't watch as much TV on TVs anymore, it's undeniable that binge-watching your favorite Netflix show is a better experience on a high-definition flat screen. And when it comes to TV sets, Samsung is the crème de la crème, thanks to its cutting-edge appearance and unparalleled viewing experience. Its latest feat of engineering is the QLED TV: a set equipped with quantum dot technology (hence the name) that offers 100 percent color volume (which means color never fades, even in brightly lit rooms), as well as its trendsetting 360-degree design that creates an IMAX-level immersive viewing experience.

BUY: Samsung QLED TV, from $4,000;

And because few things are more frustrating than having to operate multiple clickers at once, Samsung's One Remote is an added bonus. Not only does it let you control all of your connected devices, from your external speaker to your game console—it immediately recognizes when they're connected to the TV. (Rival companies have yet to patent their own universal remote.) The sleek metal gravity stand also complements any living space, at least as much as a TV can.

But change is afoot: At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled The Frame, a TV that looks like a picture frame hanging on a wall and displays digital art pieces—that is, when it's not playing 13 Reasons Why on loop.

Wins for: Design, picture quality, usability

Noteworthy features:

  • 100 percent color volume
  • Quantum Dot technology
  • Compatibility with the One Remote Control

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