As a design writer, I seek out, explore, record—and, in some extreme cases, pledge to memory—the most transcendent fabrics, tiles, and furniture that I encounter in my travels through showrooms and private homes. They are all fodder for a story or photo shoot. Most recently, however, I’ve embarked on a renovation of my West Village apartment where I live with my husband and our 2-year-old daughter. We had the great fortune (and N.Y.C. fantasy-come-true) of buying the one-bedroom place next door and breaking down a wall. It’s a gut renovation, and I’ve re-imagined every aspect of the space, from the floor colors to the kitchen and bathrooms. Along the way, I’ve been able to incorporate my all-time favorite finds and resources, and the newest and most tantalizing products and designs. Follow along with me as I describe the ins-and-outs of our renovation and the aesthetic decisions that I’ve made along with the way. Happy reading!

By Joanna Bober
Updated Sep 02, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Kitchen Remodel - lead
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Let’s face it, there are few things less sexy than appliances. Professionally, I’ve looked at so many, as various manufacturers invite home editors to view new models when they are released. But, as someone who loves to cook, I’ve always dreamed of having a Wolf oven and a SubZero refrigerator. The remodeling (and reimagining) of the kitchen in this home was incredibly important to us, so we knew that a sizeable part of our renovation budget would be devoted to that area. We sprang for the fantasy oven and fridge, and in the few days that we have been back in the apartment (the last plumbing fixtures and lights are being installed, and the larger pieces of furniture will arrive soon), I can honestly say that they are total game changers. Sure, the look of those chunky red oven dials makes my heart skip a beat.

Kitchen Remodel - 3
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But now boiling a pot of water for pasta takes a fraction of the amount of time that it used to. The oven is just solid and it is indeed the quintessential hearth. From a design perspective, the kitchen opens into the main living space in the apartment and that Wolf oven has a very deserved pride of place.

Observations on the SubZero refrigerator in this short amount of time are all glowing. It has definitely kept our vegetables fresher for longer, and it is quiet, unlike other fridges we’ve lived with in the past, which have grunted and gurgled all day (and night) long, prompting all sorts of “what was that?” moments. I’ve never had a panel-ready fridge before. Here is what it looked like when it first came without the panel attached.

Kitchen Remodel - 2
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The first image in this story (see above) shows what it looks like with the panel.

It is seamless with the rest of the (deep blue!) cabinetry. There is a funny, cool detail when you open it, too (see below).

Kitchen Remodel - 1
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There are printed acrylic panels in a little nook inside the fridge with directions on how to operate it properly, and then guidelines on food preservation, with a list of vegetables and how long they may typically be stored. Who knew that bok choy should last in the crisper for three weeks and fresh ginger for six months?

Sorry to gush, but having these two spectacular workhorses in the mix has been a source of true domestic contentment, even more so now that we are cooking for our little girl. Both appliances were totally worth the investment.