Commuter Bike
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Say goodbye to grimy gears and messy maintenance. This city-friendly commuter bike swaps out gears and chains for a novel carbon belt that is grease—and maintenance—free. Its 25-pound rust-proof frame is light enough to lug up stairs, while an optional step-through design makes it easy to hop aboard in a dress or skirt. Is this the fanciest and finest bike on the market? Of course not—and you can certainly spend thousands on a Tour de France-grade piece of sci-fi machinery. But when it comes to price, practicality, and a solid ride that can get you across town in comfort and style, it’s the clear winner.

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BUY: Priority Bicycles Classic Plus, $449;

Wins for: An affordable, city-friendly design that gets rid of greasy gears, ensuring minimal maintenance.

Noteworthy features:

  • A novel system gets rid of greasy gears, minimizing mess and maintenance
  • Optional step-through design is perfect for skirts or dresses

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